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When did Max Power magazine stop?

When did Max Power magazine stop?

January 2011
Max Power (magazine)

Frequency Monthly
First issue May 1993
Final issue January 2011
Company Bauer
Country United Kingdom

Can you still buy Max Power magazine?

Bauer Media is to halt regular publication of custom car magazine Max Power after 17 years. The publisher said that it is to “suspend” publication of the monthly Peterborough-based title and its associated website.

Who started max power?

Max Power started in 1993 and was the work of Graham Steed and infamous photographer Fly. The story goes that they convinced the bosses that a mag for the guys hanging around in car parks and places like Southend seafront at night needed a magazine to inspire them and showcase their modifying talents.

When did Max Power start?

May 1993
Max Power/First issue date

What happened to Fast Car magazine?

The new issue of Fast Car magazine is out to buy now. You can purchase the latest issue at any good retailer or via the Kelsey shop.

Who makes Max Powertools?

MAX products are developed in Japan and manufactured in ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factories. All products are evaluated to meet our own strict quality performance standards. MAX USA is headquartered in Plainview, New York, and serves customers in North, Central and South America.

Is Max power coming back?

We are delighted to confirm that Max Power has agreed a deal to return to Wigan Athletic on a two-year deal. Power, 27, has agreed to reunite with manager Leam Richardson ahead of the 2021-22 campaign after ending a three-year spell with fellow Sky Bet League One outfit Sunderland.

What happened Project Thunder?

Unlike many of the projects covered here the ultimate fate of Project Thunder is well known. It was given away by the magazine in a competition, before being crashed into a shop front in spectacular (and for the car, terminal) fashion a few days later.

Who does Max Power play for?

Wigan Athletic F.C.#8 / Midfielder
Max Power/Current teams

Former Sunderland captain Max Power has signed a two-year deal with Wigan Athletic. The former Black Cats midfielder had been linked with a move to Ipswich to work with former Latics boss Paul Cook, but the 27-year-old has returned to Wigan.

Does Fast Car magazine still exist?

It is owned by Kelsey Media, based in Westerham. The magazine is published 13 times a year. Nearly every month Fast Car includes stickers, posters, CD/DVDs and other car related gadgets….Fast Car (magazine)

Cover of January 2019 issue
Editor Jules Truss
Categories Automobile magazine
Frequency Monthly (13 per year)
Circulation 60,000

When did Fast Car magazine start?

April 1987
Fast Car/First issue date

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