How many levels are in prestige 2?

How many levels are in prestige 2?

After reaching level 200, player will earn a Prestige Key every 50 levels. The players also receive a Weapon Blueprint once they have reached the first 50 levels.

How many levels are there in mw2 Prestige?

In Modern Warfare 2 there are seventy ranks in multiplayer mode. There are also ten prestige levels, so potentially there are 770 ranks to achieve.

How many levels are in COD Black Ops 2?

55 levels
Call of Duty: Black Ops II has 55 levels and 10 Prestiges.

What is the max level in bo2?

level 55
After completing level 55 (max level) at Prestige 10 in Black Ops II, you will unlock a new Prestige level called Prestige Master.

What is the highest rank in warzone?

The max level cap for Call of Duty Warzone is 155, which is the same as the multiplayer. At the end of the season, your rank will be reset back to 55 in both Warzone and the Modern Warfare competitive multiplayer.

How many endings are in BO2?

Two endings are repeated, so there are six endings together. All endings are presented in the next two sections. The first section shows what can happen after you’ve captured Menendez and the other what happens after his death.

How many prestige levels are there in Call of Duty Black Ops?

Call of Duty: Black Ops. In Call of Duty: Black Ops, players are able to enter Prestige Mode at the highest rank of 50. The maximum number of Prestige levels is 15. One needs 1,262,500 XP to be able to Prestige.

How to become prestige Master in Black Ops Cold War?

Prestige Master is now only level 200. In the previous Call of Duty titles, it was a largely unattainable goal but Treyarch has made the impossible possible with Black Ops Cold War. Reach level 200 in Season Two to achieve the title of Prestige Master for this season.

How often can you refund prestige in Black Ops 2?

This can be done once per Prestige until you have a total of ten. Refund: Refund all Unlock tokens earned so far this Prestige. This can be done once per Prestige. Fresh Start :Resets all of your stats and starts you at level 1 and you lose your prestige. It completely resets your account.

How many custom classes do you get in prestige mode?

Once the player enters Prestige Mode for the first time in Modern Warfare 2, they will be rewarded with a sixth custom class slot. The same occurs at every odd prestige level, so a total of five additional custom class slots can be unlocked by Prestige Level 9.

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