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What is Ontario population density?

What is Ontario population density?

The land area of Ontario is 908,607.67 square kilometres with a population density of 14.1 persons per square kilometre.

What is the population of Nakina Ontario?

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Population and Dwelling Counts Nakina, Township Ontario
Total Total
Total – Population 15 years and over (5) 505 9,177,300
Single (6) 210 2,793,080
Married (7) 210 4,897,095

Why is Canada’s population density so low?

Canada as a whole has a population density of just 4 people per square kilometers, which makes it the 228th most densely populated country. The population density is among the lowest in the world, mostly because a great deal of the country to the north is virtually uninhabited.

Is Nakina a reserve?

The Nakina Northeast Waterway Conservation Reserve (C2204) is one site within this expansion of Ontario’s protected areas. The conservation reserve then winds along the Drowning River, ending at the junction of the Drowning River and Lower Twin Lake ( OLL Factsheet, 2001).

What’s in Armstrong Ontario?

The most popular activities in Armstrong are undoubtedly fishing and hunting adventures in the Wabakimi Park, Albany River and Ogoki Reservoir areas. There are several outfitters in the area that operate guided visits, fly-in lodges and wilderness outposts.

What WMU is Nakina in?

Nakina Moose Hunting. We offer adult Moose hunting packages for both Rifle and Archery. We also offer accommodation packages for hunters with their own Moose tags in WMU 18A, WMU 18B or WMU 19. Nakina is the top destination in Ontario for Moose hunting.

Is Armstrong Ontario a reserve?

The Whitesand First Nation is an Ojibway First Nation reserve in Northern Ontario, Canada. They have reserved for themselves the 249-hectare (615-acre) Whitesand reserve. The community of Armstrong Settlement is their main community, located coterminously with Armstrong, Thunder Bay District, Ontario.

How big is the town of Greenstone Ontario?

Administration Office of Greenstone in Geraldton. Greenstone is an amalgamated town in the Canadian province of Ontario with a population of 4,636 according to the 2016 Canadian census. It stretches along Highway 11 from Lake Nipigon to Longlac and covers 2,767.19 square kilometres (1,068.42 sq mi).

What was the highest temperature in Greenstone Ontario?

Greenstone experiences a humid continental climate (Dfb), with long, brutally cold winters and warm summers. The highest temperature ever recorded was 40.0 °C (104 °F) on July 11 & 12, 1936 (at Longlac).

Where are the municipal offices in Greenstone Ontario?

Greenstone includes the communities of Beardmore, Caramat, Geraldton, Jellicoe, Longlac, Macdiarmid, Nakina and Orient Bay. The municipal administrative offices are located in Geraldton. Nakina and Caramat are entirely exclaved from the rest of the municipality’s territory.

Is there a public library in Greenstone Ontario?

The Greenstone Public Library has branches in Beardmore, Geraldton (the Elsie Dugard Centennial Branch), Longlac and Nakina (the Helen Mackie Memorial Branch). Greenstone experiences a humid continental climate ( Köppen climate classification Dfb ), with cold winters and warm summers.

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