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What are the contents of Admiralty Notice to Mariners?

What are the contents of Admiralty Notice to Mariners?

ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners (NMs) ADMIRALTY NMs contain all the corrections, alterations and amendments for the UKHO’s worldwide series of ADMIRALTY charts and publications. They are published weekly in several formats but best known as the weekly booklets, which are despatched directly from the UKHO.

How notice to mariners use to updates chart and publications?

  1. Whenever a new chart or new edition is published, Weekly Notices to Mariner carry a notification of the same.
  2. On receiving a chart or a notification through weekly notices to mariners which replaces a previous chart , insert in the chart correction log ‘replaced by’ or ‘cancelled by’ against the mentioned chart.

What is the difference between Local Notice to Mariners and Notice to Mariners?

The US Notice to Mariners corrects NGA and NOS charts using information collected from many sources, among them the Local Notice to Mariners published by the nine US Coast Guard Districts. The US Notice to Mariners will contain only those chart corrections of interest to ocean-going vessels.

How do I correct my mariners charts notice?

Correction for a new chart:

  1. Highlight the chart number in the correction log.
  2. Enter the Chart Folio and sequence number, from the index.
  3. Correct the chart for any pending corrections.
  4. Correct the Admiralty Chart Catalogue (NP 131) if affected.

How are Notice to Mariners published?

Notices to Mariners are published weekly and are available in the following forms: weekly (printable version) overview NtM by week. overview NtM by chart.

How to request a local notice to Mariners?

Requests for a Local Notice to Mariners should be emailed to the appropriate USCG District Office. The Local Notice to Mariners is available by selecting the “LNMs” tab at Submit the following information, at a minimum, to request a Local Notice to Mariners be published in the First Coast Guard District LNM:

Why do we need Admiralty Notices to Mariners?

ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners (NMs) ADMIRALTY charts and publications should be maintained so that they are fully up-to-date for the latest safety-critical navigational information. The ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners service provides all the data you need to maintain our products.

When do Week 13 notices to mariners come out?

Unfortunately week 13 Notices to Mariners were not added to the corrections published for ADMIRALTY Leisure Folios in that week. The correct information was published on 14 May 2020. Therefore, if you updated your ADMIRALTY Leisure Folios between 19 March and 14 May 2020, you may have missed these corrections.

Can you use NAVCEN to watch the Mariners?

Mariners can now use the subscription service to plan for underway periods and receive updates to navigational hazards in near-real-time without having to wait on scheduled VHF broadcasts.

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