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What are the lines of symmetry in a triangle?

What are the lines of symmetry in a triangle?

Triangle/Line of symmetry

Does a triangle have 4 lines of symmetry?

A shape can have more than one line of symmetry. Thus a rectangle has two lines of symmetry, an equilateral triangle has three lines of symmetry, and a square has four.

Is there a triangle with 2 lines of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle has one line of symmetry as both of its sides are equal. These shapes are said to have Two Lines of Symmetry. The rectangle is an example of Two Line of Symmetry. A Rectangle can be divided vertically, horizontal or diagonally to get the two symmetrical parts.

What shapes has 2 lines of symmetry?

Rectangle. A rectangle has two lines of symmetry.

What triangle has 3 lines of symmetry?

equilateral triangle
An equilateral triangle has three lines of symmetry. It has rotational symmetry of order 3. It has three equal sides.

What letters have more than 2 lines of symmetry?

M has one line of symmetry, and H, I, and O have 2 lines of symmetry.

What shape has no line of symmetry?

A scalene triangle, parallelogram, and a trapezium are three examples of shapes with no line of symmetry.

What shape has at least two lines of symmetry?

all sides are congruent and each angle is a right angle.

  • There are four lines of reflection that carry the square onto itself. These lines of reflection will always be the lines of symmetry.
  • whereas the other two separate the square into two equal triangles.
  • Which figure has exactly four lines of symmetry?

    We know that square is a regular polygon with four equal side and it has four line of symmetry. Two diagonals of square divides it into identical parts.

    Can shapes have only one line of symmetry?

    A figure can have only one line of symmetry. A line of symmetry divides a shape into two equal parts. A line of symmetry is a vertical line through the middle of a figure.

    Which objects have one line of symmetry?

    Mirror-symmetric objects have at least one line of symmetry, a line along which the figure can be folded into two precisely matching parts, parts that are mirror images of each other.

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