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Can you swim in the Lamprey River?

Can you swim in the Lamprey River?

As a federally designated Wild and Scenic River, the Lamprey is classified as a “recreational river.” Recreational activities along the river are defined mostly by the river itself and access to it. People use the river recreationally for canoeing, kayaking, and swimming in the summer.

How clean is the Lamprey River?

The NH Department of Environmental Services classifies the Lamprey as Class B- meaning the river is clean and healthy enough for humans to swim and fish here. The river serves as a source of drinking water for the Durham-UNH Water System and four municipal groundwater wells are located in the drainage area.

Can you swim in Saco Lake?

Saco River, Weston’s Beach, River Street, Fryeburg: A large beach is open to the public here with ample parking. It’s a popular swimming spot for fans of the Saco, as well as for those launching canoes and kayaks. Clear, safe water runs in this section of the river.

Are there lampreys in the Lamprey River?

Lampreys are also present in the river. However, the Lamprey River derives its name from an early settler who lived in the area, John Lamprey, rather than the fish itself.

Where is Emerald Pool NH?

Chatham, New Hampshire

RATING: 3.0 / 5.0 stars (Great) (see below for larger image and additional photographs)
TOWN: Chatham
PARK: White Mountain National Forest

Can you swim in the Exeter river NH?

Swimming is permitted in designated areas, several of which are in Exeter. The generally free-flowing nature of the river provides excellent flat and quick water boating opportunities for canoes and kayaks. Whitewater boating is limited to high water conditions.

Is there a river in Newmarket?

Its common name is the Watercourse, or more officially, but blandly entitled the Newmarket No. 1 Drain. But the river and its associated source wells are most probably one of the most important reasons why Newmarket is where it is.

Can you swim at Jackson Falls NH?

There are swimming areas as well as rocks to move on & sit.

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