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Can you still buy Eljer toilets?

Can you still buy Eljer toilets?

You just need a brand and a store you can rely on. For over 110 years, Eljer’s state-of-the-art engineering has brought beauty and reliability to American homes. Eljer is exclusively sold at Menards so even the purchase process will go according to plan.

How old are Eljer toilets?

Eljer began in February 1904, when cousins Raymond Elmer Crane and Oscar Jerome Backus, joined forces – and names – and created Eljer.

Which brand of toilet bowl is good?

As one of the world’s biggest and most popular toilet manufacturer, TOTO makes some of the best toilet bowls in Singapore. Among those is the LE MUSE Close Coupled Toilet CW811. What really strikes one from the get-go is the modern style and design that make it the perfect choice for any contemporary bathroom.

When did Eljer go out of business?

Sales of Eljer faucets were discontinued in North America in 2016.

Are Eljer toilets good?

If you are looking for a reliable, dependable, and strong flushing toilet stay away from American Standard/Eljer and look into the Toto toilets very reliable and great flushing design. I will be using Toto’s from here on out. Poor quality control and customer service.

What is the best brand for toilets?

Top Rated Toilet Brands In The Industry

  • American Standard. Are you a patriot?
  • TOTO. Oh, the one and only, the ninja of toilets.
  • Kohler.
  • Duravit.
  • Niagara Conservation.
  • Sterling.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • Saniflo.

Did Eljer go out of business?

The leaders of American Standard America, Crane Plumbing Holding Corp. and Eljer Holding Corp. have announced that the merger of their respective companies is complete. The new combined company will conduct business under the name of American Standard Brands.

Are Eljer toilets any good?

Who makes Eljer tubs?

Whirlpool Accessories It all began in February 1904 when two enterprising cousins Raymond Elmer Crane and Oscar Jerome Backus joined forces—and names—to create what would one day become one of the most prominent and respected names in the plumbingware industry: Eljer®.

Who owns American Standard brand?

Lixil Group
LIXIL CorporationBain Capital
American Standard Brands/Parent organizations

Is Eljer owned by American Standard?

American Standard Brands was formed in February 2008 from the merger of three companies: American Standard Americas, Crane Plumbing, and Eljer. In 2013, American Standard was purchased by LIXIL Corporation, creator of world-leading technology and innovations to make high quality products that transform homes.

How do I identify my Eljer toilet model?

Eljer tank numbers are seven digits long and start with 141, 141, or 131. The tank lid has a number on it. We’ve seen a lot of older Eljer toilets with no number on them.

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