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Are MTM ammo cans good?

Are MTM ammo cans good?

MTM ammo cans are a great way to store bulk or boxed ammo. Its all plastic design is lighter in weight than the 50 caliber US Military Surplus Ammo Can. Transferring ammo to and from the range, just became a little easier! Ideal for ammo storage.

Where are MTM ammo boxes made?

Dayton Ohio
Each CASE-GARD 50 ammo box is supplied with a load label for recording load and sight data. All rounds listed as bullet up, unless noted. See ammo box charts for more calibers. All MTM Case-Gard ammo boxes are MADE IN USA in our factory in Dayton Ohio.

Where do I sell ammo crate in sea of thieves?

Merchant Alliance Trading Company Representative
Ammo Crates can be sold to any Merchant Alliance Trading Company Representative on any Outpost for 280-500 Gold and Reputation.

Are ammo cans airtight?

50-Cal Ammo Can is air and water tight, meaning it makes a great storage container for anything that’s sensitive to moisture or dust.

Are military ammo cans waterproof?

This military ammo storage is extremely high-quality; made of all steel with a powder-coated interior and exterior. The rubber gasket that seals the lid is solid rubber to keep the moisture out of can. These ammo cans are also great for storage, stackable, and waterproof!

Can you sell storage crates sea of thieves?

Features. Unlike the other Resource Crates, Storage Crates can carry every single type of Resource Item in the game and cannot be sold or acquired as part of Trade Good Commissions.

How do you get a crate of cannonballs in sea of thieves?

Cannonball Crates can be found from the following sources:

  1. Can be bought from the Merchant Alliance for 5,000 once every three in-game days.
  2. Picked up empty from a Merchant Alliance Representative at an Outpost if the Crew has an active Crate of Cannonballs Trade Good Commission.

Will ammo cans rust?

Most of them are made from steel and include a rubber gasket around the lid to protect the contents from moisture and air. The main weakness of an ammo can is rust, but if you keep that steel covered with a rust inhibiting paint you will get a lifetime of service from these containers.

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