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What does pedigree horse mean?

What does pedigree horse mean?

The pedigree of a horse is quite simply their family tree. While the majority of racing is of the handicap variety, which means that there is form to look at, a viewing of a horses pedigree is often crucial to those looking to have a bet.

Is a filly a horse?

A filly is a female horse that is too young to be called a mare. There are two specific definitions in use: In most cases, a filly is a female horse under four years old.

What does DAM mean for horses?

The male parent of a horse, a stallion, is commonly known as the sire and the female parent, the mare, is called the dam.

Where can I find all breed horse pedigrees?

Pedigree Online’s All Breed pedigree database consists of more than 6.4 million horses from around the world cover all breeds of horses. If this is your first time visiting the site, you can pull up the pedigree for any horses in the database by simply entering it’s name in the form above and clicking the “Horse Query” button.

Where can I find a free American Quarter horse pedigree?

Pedigree Online’s dog database offers free pedigree reports for millions of dogs of all breeds and is completely open to the public. Use the search form above to find a dog pedigree now. The allbreed pedigree database offers a free American Quarter Horse pedigree search for hundreds of thousands of horses.

How do I look up AQHA records and pedigrees?

Step 1: Go to, then scroll to the Records section. Step 2: Click a link, ex: AQHA Records. Step 3: Sign in to your AQHA account. Step 4: Type the registration number or name of the horse. Click the magnifying glass to search. Step 5: Click the plus sign (+) to expand records options.

What is the purpose of American Classic Pedigrees?

American Classic Pedigrees is focused on the bloodlines that have produced the champions and Classic winners of North and South America and is dedicated to everyone who loves Thoroughbreds—owners, breeders, trainers and fans. If you enjoy what you find here, please visit often and tell your friends!

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