What was the first Blue Dog?

What was the first Blue Dog?

In a tale called Slaughterhouse, the narrator tells about an evil dog guarding a house. Inspired by the loup-garou or the werewolf, the artist created the first Blue Dog from a photo of his deceased pet Tiffany, who however was white with black ears.

What type of dog is the Blue Dog?

The Blue Dog was used by both Absolut Vodka and the Xerox Corporation through national ad campaigns The ghostly blue spaniel/terrier is often featured with a white nose and yellow eyes. Rodrigue has galleries in Carmel, California; Lafayette, Louisiana; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Why Is Blue Dog Famous?

“His work as an artist is iconic and uniquely Louisiana,” Jindal said. “George’s Blue Dog not only became symbolic of his work, but it became a symbol for Louisiana. This earned him the ability to paint the likes of world leaders including Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.”

What kind of dog was Blue Dog?

English Bull Terrier
Blue was a white English Bull Terrier owned by hockey commentator Don Cherry. Blue was reportedly a gift from the members of the Boston Bruins when Cherry was their head coach from 1974 to 1979. The original Blue, who died in 1989, was a female.

What was the first Blue Dog painting?

The first Blue Dog painting, Loup Garou, was inspired by Roderigue’s dog Tiffany who had passed away, in combination with the werewolf-like, Cajun mythological creature, the Loup-garou (or Rougarou , depending on the Cajun circle you’re affiliated with).

Who is the Blue Dog artist?

The Blue Dog Cafe is a famous restaurant serving Cajun cuisine, Louisiana fusion, steaks and seafood amidst a private collection of artworks by renowned artist George Rodrigue (the creator of the iconic Blue Dog).

What is the Blue Dog painting?

Rodrique is known worldwide for his creation of the Blue Dog series of paintings, that features a blue-hued dog in a large variety of settings. The Blue Dog paintings are attributed to his deceased dog named Tiffany and influenced by the Loup Garou legend—the first painting in the series bears the title Loup Garou.

What is the Blue Dog in New Orleans?

The Blue Dog also became a key element of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival posters, which led to the Blue Dog becoming the face of New Orleans. The Blue Dog has been painted in a variety of settings and scenarios, to include pop culture references and scenes with a New Orleans theme.

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