Why is my Litter-Robot getting stuck mid cycle?

Why is my Litter-Robot getting stuck mid cycle?

Have you ever found your Litter-Robot stopped in mid rotation and possibly with the red light blinking? This could be a sign that your cat sensor needs adjustment. If the Cat Sensor is triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes then the red light starts to blink.

Why is my Litter-Robot not working?

Check for gear or motor obstruction. Reassemble the unit and verify a proper litter level. Then turn the unit on—if the problem persists, contact Customer Service at 1-877-250-7729, [email protected], or

Why isn’t my Litter-Robot cycling on its own?

To reset the Cat Sensor, the unit must be at the Home position with a solid blue light displayed on the control panel. If you press Reset while the unit is cycling, it will pause the cycle; simply press Cycle to restart the cycle or Reset to abort the cycle and return the Globe to the Home position.

Why does my Litter Robot keep saying it’s full?

Debris may cause the DFI to indicate a full drawer regardless of the waste in the drawer. Once you are done cleaning your unit, let it dry fully and then reassemble it. If it is not dry, the litter will clump prematurely and may get clogged in the ports or litter pocket.

How do you force a litter robot to cycle?

Make sure the unit is in a cool, dry location. If you wouldn’t put your computer there, don’t put your Litter-Robot there!…Plug the unit back in, allow it to complete the start-up cycle, and follow the steps below.

  1. Hold the Cycle button for 5 seconds.
  2. Hold the Cycle button for 5 seconds.

Why does my Litter-Robot keep saying it’s full?

How do you force a Litter-Robot to cycle?

Can you reset Litter-Robot from app?

Remote Control The remote acts as a wireless control panel for the Litter-Robot. The remote also allows you to reset the gauge when you empty the unit, helping the app learn your emptying behaviors to better tailor our gauge to match your needs.

How often should I clean my Litter-Robot?

Keep it clean! About once every month or so (depending on how frequently the unit is used), give your Litter-Robot a wipe down. A couple times per year, give it a more thorough cleaning.

How do I get my Litter-Robot back online?


  1. Open the app and delete the current unit, even if it is offline.
  2. Force close (swipe away) the Litter-Robot app.
  3. Unplug the Litter-Robot from the back of the unit for at least 1 minute.
  4. Plug the unit back in and allow to cycle fully.
  5. Once the unit has reached a solid blue light ready status, open the app.

What to do if your Litter Robot is not working?

If you’ve been troubleshooting issues with your Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air to no avail, try this Fresh Restart to eliminate confounding conditions and identify the problem if there is one. This process will help you communicate the issue to our Customer Service team, so you can get your Litter-Robot working again.

Is there a promo code for Litter Robot open air?

Buy the Litter Robot Open Air (save $25 through this link). There is no Litter Robot Open Air promo code – just the $25 off through our link above. Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats!

Why are there 3 blinking lights on my Litter Robot?

If the globe is encountering resistance that is lifting it out of position as it cycles, friction will occur between the plastic of the globe and base, causing the magnets in the globe to skip the position sensor which will cause the 3 blinking lights. Out of the box, the Litter-Robot has a silicone lubricant layer that can wear off over time.

How does the cat sensor on Litter Robot work?

The Cat Sensor is automatically reset at the end of each cycle. Press Cycle again to test that your unit can complete a Clean cycle and return to the Home position with a solid blue light.

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