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Will Persimmons grow in Michigan?

Will Persimmons grow in Michigan?

Persimmons are a group of plants with edible fruits that belong to the genus Diospyros. In Michigan, Cold Stream Farm grows Diospyros virginiana, which is a North American native species also known as the American persimmon or the common persimmon.

What does a persimmon tree bark look like?

On mature trees, the trunk bark is blackish gray and deeply furrowed into small flat-topped scales that are shaped like irregular squares or rectangles. The bark of branches is gray or brown and more smooth. Young leafy shoots are usually pubescent, rarely glabrous.

How do you identify a persimmon tree?

Identify the persimmon tree by its leaves, which are oblong, dark-green, leathery and shiny on the upper surfaces. The 4- to 6-inch-long and 2- to 3-inch-wide leaves are pale-green on the undersides and have sharply pointed tips with smooth leaf edges.

What month do persimmon trees bloom?

The flowers of the American persimmon begin to bloom in May and stay in bloom until June (UVM 2018). Because the plant is dioecious, the male trees have different flowers than the female trees.

What does a wild persimmon look like?

What it looks like: The wild persimmon is a tree that grows seventy to eighty feet tall with thick, gray-black bark. The toothless, short-stalked, oval leaves grow two to six inches long, positioned alternately on darkly colored twigs.

How can you tell if a persimmon is a tree?

Look at the bark to identify the persimmon tree. The bark should be dark-gray to grayish-brown, thick and with short furrows that create square, block-like ridges. The inner bark turns yellowish in color when it’s exposed. Study the fruits to spot the persimmon.

What was the name of the Native American persimmon tree?

Only one tree can claim the lofty title of “food of the gods from Virginia.” That, as expert forager Steve Brill reports, is the translation of the scientific name of the wild persimmon, Diospyrus virginiana. Fruit from the wild persimmon tree was used as food and medicine by the Native Americans.

What kind of fungus does a persimmon tree have?

Bark damage. Persimmon trees are generally pest and disease free. However, trees can be infested with the gummosis fungus (Botryspharia dothidia), flatheaded borers or by scales that attach to the bark on branches and twigs.

What kind of bark does eastern white pine have?

The plated bark of eastern white pine is dark grayish-brown. The tough, strong bark of leatherwood is umber-colored. The blocky bark of persimmon has distinct orange furrows. Arborvitae has fibrous, reddish-brown bark. Closer study of trees also reveals the various scents in their inner bark.

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