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How many faculties are in UJ?

How many faculties are in UJ?

8 Faculties
The University has 8 Faculties viz., Education, Law, Humanities, Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Health Sciences, Science, Engineering and the Built Environment as well as the College of Business and Economics, housing the newly established Johannesburg Business School.

What faculties does UJ offer?


  • College of Business. and Economics. Created from the former Faculties of Management, and Economic and Financial Sciences.
  • Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. Industry-relevant and competitive professional programmes.
  • Faculty of. Education. Education has the power to transform human lives.

Does UJ have white students?

UJ, she explained, currently has a student population of 50 628. Of this figure, 13.88% of postgraduates and 5.70% of undergraduates are international. Only 39.6% of the doctoral students are female, while 68.5% are black, 3.3% are coloured, 7.8% are Indian and 20.4% are white (HEDA : 2018).

What is Rau called now?

The Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) was a prominent South African institution of higher education and research that served the greater Johannesburg area and surroundings from 1967 to 2004. It has since merged with the Technikon Witwatersrand and two campuses of Vista University to form the University of Johannesburg.

Does Nsfas fund short courses at UJ?

However, NSFAS does not fund short courses, even if you’re doing them through a University. The financial aid scheme only covers full-time qualifications administered through a University or TVET College. This means that NSFAS does not fund part-time studies students or students from private institutions.

How much is UJ application fee?

Submit a completed application form with supporting documents : Submit a completed application form with supporting documents together with a non-refundable application fee of R200.00. Online applications are free.

Are applications still open at UJ for 2022?

If you wish to become a part of UJ, apply now. 2022 applications are now open at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). They offer a very wide range of course from diplomas to degrees to postgraduate courses.

Can I apply twice at UJ?

New applicants Applicants may only apply for two study choices. These study choices may not be amended once they have been chosen. The University of Johannesburg does simultanious admissions. Therefore, should an applicant qualify for both choices, the applicant may be admitted/provisionally selected for both choices.

Can I apply with my Grade 12 June results at UJ?

Can I apply with my mid-year grade 12 results for undergraduate programmes? No, you may not. Selection for applicants who completed grade 12 will be done based on their final grade 12 results.

What is the highest APS score?

The APS uses the National Senior Certificate scale of achievement, from 1 to 7. Thus, the highest APS that can be achieved is 42. Life Orientation is excluded from the calculation to determine the APS required for admission.

Are there any antonyms for the word faculties?

Synonyms for faculties in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for faculties. 65 synonyms for faculty: power, ability, capacity, capability, potential, ability, power, skill, facility, talent, gift, capacity, bent, capability, readiness.

Is the University of Johannesburg a University of Engineering?

The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) is one of seven faculties in the University of Johannesburg. It offers both Engineering Technology and Engineering Science undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across 12 departments under five Schools.

Who is the dean of the UJ School of Engineering?

Prof Daniel Mashao: Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Welcome message Engineering@UJ​

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