Which country is Penarol club?

Which country is Penarol club?

listen); English: Peñarol Athletic Club) —also known as Carboneros, Aurinegros and (familiarly) Manyas— is a Uruguayan sports club from Montevideo. The name “Peñarol” comes from the Peñarol neighbourhood on the outskirts of Montevideo.

What league is Penarol?

Copa Libertadores
Uruguayan Primera DivisiónCampeonato Uruguayo Femenino
Club Atlético Peñarol/Leagues

Where is Peñarol located?

Montevideo, Uruguay
Club Atlético Peñarol/Locations

Which country is Penarol Montevideo?

Stats & facts

Official club name: CA Peñarol
Address: Magallanes 1721
Tel: (+598) 2401 1891

Where did the name Penarol football club come from?

The name “Peñarol” comes from the Peñarol neighbourhood on the outskirts of Montevideo. Throughout its history the club has also participated in other sports, such as basketball and cycling.

When did Penarol become a city in Uruguay?

Peñarol, also known as Peñarol–Lavalleja, is a working-class barrio (neighbourhood or district) of Montevideo, Uruguay . On 10 March 1913, Peñarol was declared a “pueblo” (village) by the Act of Ley Nº 4.311. On 1 July 1953, its status was elevated to “villa” (town) by the Act of Ley Nº 11.967.

When was the first test of Penarol played?

On June 5, Peñarol played its first game in Spain v. FC Barcelona, losing by 1–5. The second test was played one day later, finishing in a tie (1–1). Other notable games of the tour were the two tests v.

Where is the basketball stadium of Penarol located?

The Palacio Peñarol, in downtown Montevideo, is the club’s headquarters and basketball stadium. It was opened on 21 June 1955; and is located. The Palacio has 3,896 square metres (41,940 sq ft) in addition to basketball, it is home the club’s museum and offices.

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