How do I remove my default profile picture?

How do I remove my default profile picture?

On Android You should choose the option of managing your account when the google settings open. Choose the personal info tab on your google account. On the bottom of the personal info page, you will find an option Go to about me. Lastly, tap it to remove your profile picture.

Can I have no profile picture on Facebook?

To have no profile picture on Facebook, you need to delete your existing profile picture. Once you’ve deleted your existing profile picture, you’ll have no profile picture. To do so, navigate to your profile > tap on your profile picture > tap on “View Profile Picture” > tap on the three dots > tap on “Delete Photo”.

How do I get rid of the zoom on my profile picture?

Profile Picture: Click your profile picture to add or change it. You can also adjust the crop area on your current picture or upload a new one. You can delete your profile picture by clicking Delete.

How do I remove my profile picture from my email?

On Computer (Web)

  1. Open your browser and head to
  2. Sign in with your account if not already.
  3. Click on Personal Info on the sidebar at left.
  4. On the next screen, please scroll down and click on Go to About me.
  5. Here, click on Profile Picture.
  6. Now, click the Remove button below your photo.

Why does my Zoom profile picture keep reappearing after I delete it?

Answer. If you have no profile picture because you deleted yours, Zoom will attempt to find one when it next syncs with MIT. Your MIT ID picture will then return as your profile picture. If you do not want to use that image as your profile picture, replace the default image with your own customized profile picture.

How do you create a profile picture?

1. Click on the Browse button under your current profile picture. 2. Navigate to the picture you want to use, then click on the picture and then click on Choose Picture. To make a new profile picture with an attached USB Camera or built-in camera: 1. Under Create your picture click on Camera as shown in the image above.

How do you change Facebook picture without notifications?

Steps to Change Facebook Profile pic without notifying others First, log in to your Facebook profile. In your profile pic area, add a profile photo or update profile picture. Now immediately go to your or to your activity log. On the “Profile pic change” notification, drop down the post at the top right corner and then select hide from timeline

What is a profile picture?

Definition: A profile picture is the image that represents a social media account in all its interactions across a platform.

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