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Is Yuasa battery maintenance free?

Is Yuasa battery maintenance free?

Yuasa means more power, less maintenance and longer life. Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free batteries are your best choice for motorcycles, utility vehicles, scooters, ATVs, riding mowers, personal watercraft and snowmobiles.

What kind of batteries are Yuasa?

Yuasa manufactures two basic battery types; Conventional and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM). AGM batteries do not have filler caps and are sometimes referred to as maintenance-free batteries or VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries. AGM batteries are more compact than other types because there is no free electrolyte.

Are Yuasa batteries sealed?

The battery is able to vent gases through breathing holes, and so it is not strictly sealed.

What type of battery is best for motorcycle?

Lithium batteries have real advantages, but you need a good reason to fit one. They generally offer plenty of cold cranking amps and are light-weight, ideal for more aggressive riding on and off road and where a minimum of electrical devices need power when the bike’s not running.

How do you check a Yuasa Battery?


  1. Select ‘Yuasa Warranty Test’*
  2. Select application, then battery type.
  3. Select battery standard ‘SAE’*
  4. Enter CCA rating of battery (shown on label of battery) For Marine and Leisure batteries use 4 x 20hr capacity e.g. 100Ah Marine battery test @ 400A.
  5. Press enter to test.

Is there a warranty on a Yuasa Battery?

Very strong, but batteries have a high failure rate and if there isn’t any actual warranty then 100% don’t buy this! Battery lasted less than a year. Exactly 364 days after ordering my brand new YUASA battery I was told it was failing. The bike would start, but it was sluggish, and needed a charge if it sat more than a week.

What kind of battery does a Yuasa ytx20hl-bs use?

Energizer TX20HL AGM Motorcycle and Atv 12V Battery, 310 Cold Cranking Amps and 18 Ahr. Replaces: YTX20L-BS and others . . . Amazon Business: Make the most of your Amazon Business account with exclusive tools and savings.

What kind of fill system does Yuasa use?

This is my second replacement Yuasa battery for my motorcycle since 2004. I use a maintainer battery charger and they have given me great service. Yuasa has the safest fill system I have ever encountered. It is hard to describe so I have provided photos. The battery arrives with the sulfuric acid in a 6 compartment plastic container (see photo).

What happens when you spill acid on a Yuasa Battery?

The battery has internal tubes that break the foil seals once you push down on the container (see photo). After the acid empties into the battery you simply remove it and apply the black plastic cap strip (see photo). I have never spilled a drop with the system they use.

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