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What episode does Violetta and Thomas kiss?

What episode does Violetta and Thomas kiss?

The second Tomletta song was “Give It All”. Tomas is the first boy Violetta liked. In episodes 79-80 of the first season, they shared their first and last kiss. This pairing only occurs in season 1.

Do Violetta and Tomas end up together?

When Leon finally kisses her, everything changes for Violetta and she decides to pursue her feelings for him. Although, she still has feelings for Tomas. However, Violetta later realizes that Leon is the one she truly loves and they eventually end up together; overcoming all the obstacles thrown at them.

What episode does Ludmila and Federico kiss?

2, Episode 78
In Season 2, Episode 78, they share their first kiss and Ludmila finally starts to change – this time for real.

Who is Violetta’s boyfriend?

Leon Vargas (portrayed by Jorge Blanco) is Violetta’s man.

Do Violetta and Leon get married?

Leon and Violetta are finally getting married. They love each other so much more than anything. But when Violetta finds out that she have a sister she wants to go back to here father, So they can find out where she is. But how can Leon handle this…

Who does Francesca end up with in Violetta?

At the beginning of the season, Francesca met Marco at the karaoke club and started to develop feelings for him. At first, she rejected him, but later on, they become a couple. However, at the end of Part 1, Francesca reveals that she and her family have to go back to Italy.

How old are they in Violetta?

Violetta was 16 years old when the series began and after her birthday party, she is 17.

Who are Francesca and Violetta in the book Violetta?

Tomas just sees Francesca as a friend. At first, Tomas doesn’t know anything about Ludmila. The first time they met, Ludmila fell in love with Tomas, but Tomas didn’t feel anything for her. Ludmila discovered that there are 2 girls named Violetta and Francesca (formerly) that like him too.

What kind of person is Tomas in Violetta?

At the beginning of the series, Tomas is a nice, simple, kind, a good person and a good friend who likes to help. When Violetta slipped on a puddle at the end of episode 1, Tomas caught her and they fall in love with each other. Later, Tomas joins the Studio 21, where he makes new friends, pursues his singing talent and he becomes Beto’s assistant.

Who are the characters in Violetta and fedemila?

Fedemila ( Fede /rico and Lud/ mila) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Federico and Ludmila Ferro . In the first season, Ludmila and Federico were enemies because Federico was Violetta’s friend and Ludmila hated her. But in Season 2, the two started to develop feelings for each other when Federico came back to Studio On Beat.

Why are Leon and Tomas so jealous of Violetta?

Leon and Tomas are rivals since the first episode, over Ludmilla (formerly) and Violetta. When Leon saw Ludmila talking to him, he got jealous and came to Resto Bar to get revenge on him. Later, he discovered that Tomas loves Violetta, so he used her to make Tomas jealous.

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