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Is it neither nor is or neither nor are?

Is it neither nor is or neither nor are?

Neither he nor they are going. The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage is (as usual) a bit more nuanced: When neither is the subject, the verb is singular: Neither of the cars is available. When neither and nor link singular terms, the verb is singular: Neither the car nor the truck is available.

Is it nor am I or neither am I?

No, inversion’s needed not when you use “neither/nor” but (as in your first sentence) when you use just “nor” : I am not sad, nor am I upset. That sentence is correct. This is also correct: Neither Tom nor Dan is going there.

Is it neither of you is or neither of you are?

Neither of you are correct. Do native speakers use a plural verb after “Neither” when the reference is plural in everyday speech? Either or neither as a subject takes a singular verb.

What is used with neither nor is or are?

Use the either-or and neither-nor pairs to refer to the one or the other of two alternatives. Either-or affirms each of two alternatives, while neither-nor simultaneously negates them. Either my mother or my father will call. Neither the pizza nor the ice-cream is here.

What is neither nor in grammar?

neither nor BOTH. used when mentioning two things that are not true or do not happen He can neither read nor write (=he cannot read or write).

Do I use is or are with neither?

Neither is grammatically singular and usually takes singular verbs like is and has. When used as a pronoun to mean “not the one or the other,” it negates each of two things individually. Neither of them is/are a rocket scientist. Neither of us is/are happy about this.

Which is grammatically correct is or are?

If the noun is singular, use is. If it is plural or there is more than one noun, use are. The cat is eating all of his food. The cats are eating all of their food.

What does neither he nor I Were There mean?

In the past tense, it is “Neither he nor I were there.” In the present tense, it is “Neither he nor I are there.” It is in the negative, and one must use the subjunctive version of the verb. Financial loophole lets you save extra for retirement. The average account holder who uses this as an investment option has a balance of $15,092.

Which is grammatically correct ” nor does he ” or ” neither does he?

Grammarly can help. Get rid of typos, grammatical mistakes, and misused words with a single click! Originally Answered: Which one is grammatically correct “Nor does he” or “Neither does he”? Both are correct, depending how you use them.

What’s the difference between ” neither ” and ” either “?

” Either ” generally means “this one or that one, but not both ” in the context of two things or options. (It can be used in another way as well, but I will not bother you with that at this point.) ” Neither ” means ” not this one and not that one”—again in the context of two things or options.

When to use ” neither you nor I ” in a sentence?

However, when I rephrase the ” neither you nor I ” sentence following the same procedure I have to say this: 1 You are not in control but neither am I (‘I am’ is ungrammatical) OR 2 You are not in control and I’m not either. More

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