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How much does a coach bus cost to buy?

How much does a coach bus cost to buy?

Remember that purchasing a bus can represent a significant investment for anyone. Typical prices vary widely based on needs and options, but usually range from $45,000 for a basic new 15-passenger bus up to $500,000 or more for a deluxe touring coach with all the bells and whistles.

How much does an entertainer bus cost to buy?

These band buses start as low as $50,000 and we can also build you a new Entertainer bus. Browse our current selection of used Entertainer buses for sale.

How many miles per gallon does a coach bus get?

[8] Buses: At average passenger loads, buses achieve 3262 BTU per passenger-mile, or 38.3 pmpg. Per BTS data, buses average 6.1 diesel mpg, or 5.5 gas mpg. With a full load of roughly 60 passengers, a max pmpg of 330 is possible.

How many miles can a tour bus last?

In general, most American transit systems expect their buses to have a useful life of 12 years and 250,000 miles.

How much does it cost to fuel a tour bus?

Currently, we suggest between $3.50 – $4.00 / gallon… On average, buses will pretty much get a whopping 6MPG… Stick a trailer behind the bus, and you’ll see about 5MPG… Driver rates are based on a few factors… Crew Bus / No Trailer rates are $250 / day…

How much do celebrity tour bus drivers make?

First year salaries for celebrity bus drivers can range from $40,000 to $60,000. You’ll be on the road for weeks or months at a time, but may get to enjoy the rest of the year off. Happy celebs often tip big and there increasingly is off-season work available.

What is the most expensive Prevost bus?

Prevost H3-45 VIP – $1.6 million The interior is sleek and modern and comes with a wooden floor, sofas, chairs, a small desk, a kitchen and a bedroom that make it one of the most comfortable and best looking RV’s out there. The price also shows that, soaring up to $1.6 million.

Who builds Prevost buses?

Volvo Buses
Prevost Car

Type Subsidiary
Founded 1924
Headquarters Sainte-Claire, Quebec, Canada
Products Coaches RV (Coach Products)
Parent Volvo Buses (1995-present)

How many miles can a coach bus last?

How many miles per gallon does a Prevost bus get?

With the introduction of the Series 60 engine, owners saw the fuel mileage jump from 5 to 6 MPG with the 8V92 to 7 to 8 MPG with the Series 60 engine. The 5 additional feet of length was a significant change that allowed the coaches to have more features than were previously possible.

How far can a coach bus go on a tank of gas?

On average, a clean-diesel school bus can travel about 510 miles on a tank of diesel vs. only 270 miles on gasoline, based on the same standard-sized fuel tanks.

Are there any used coach buses for sale?

Northwest Bus Sales has a large stock of new and used coach buses for sale. We have buses for sale in the USA from trusted manufacturers like MCI, Van Hool, Prevost and more. Just about every coach bus that we have on our lot fits at least 40 people comfortably, but we also have coach buses that will hold between 50 and 60 people, if not more.

Is there a country coach RV for sale?

PLEASE BE SURE TO CALL AHEAD TO CONFIRM THE AVAILABILITY OF THIS RV AND TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TO VIEW THIS RV IN PERSON 2007 Country Coach Tribu… This beautiful Country Coach Affinity 45′ is in Excellent Condition. Very custom inside and outside.

What kind of car is a country coach?

This beautiful 2005 Country Coach Magna 45′ has been Garaged Kept it’s whole life. The Paint is in Excellent Condition. Great colors that will a… This is a immaculate coach.

Is there such a thing as a coach bus?

A coach bus is the perfect solution for school and church groups, sports teams and other organizations that take part in activities that require frequent travel. A coach bus is one of the most comfortable ways to get around, and when you come to us, we will show you all our full range of available new and used buses for sale in the U.S.

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