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Can you save JAXO and the prisoners?

Can you save JAXO and the prisoners?

Later in the Trooper story on Station A77, the Trooper must make a very hard choices between saving Jaxo (dark side) and saving three hundred Republic prisoners (light side). If the player chooses save the prisoners, Jaxo dies and the romance can not be continued.

What happens if you save JAXO Swtor?

Jaxo’s fate is determined by the player’s decision: she can be left to die so that the other prisoners may escape, or she can be saved, causing the prisoners to be killed in the bombardment. Both choices result in her disappearance from the game.

Where is Jaxo swtor?

The Jaxo’s Apartment is a Trooper class story area located in the Black Sun Territory on the planet Coruscant.

What happened havoc squad?

The squad was left stranded in enemy territory, though they managed to return to the Republic through a stolen shuttle. However, the incident left a dark scar on the team with many of its members believing that they were betrayed by the Republic.

Can you romance Sergeant JAXO?

Ya Jaxo can still be romanced even if your with Dorne. All Jaxo is is a fling really, seeing as you can.

Can you romance Elara Dorne?

Romance continuation: Players can resume their romance with Elara Dorne on Iokath, which takes place after the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. The player has two dialogue options “I understand.” to resume the romance, or “You moved on, and so did I.”

Can you save havoc squad?

Karden, Fuse, and Tavus can be spared. Wraith (whether you fight her at lvl 16 or 32), Needles, and Gearbox you have no choice but to kill. You can try all the “Please surrender!” dialogue you want but you will kill them. Karden, Fuse, and Tavus can be spared.

Who created Iokath?

Iokath creation SCORPIO, who uncovered her origins, brought to Iokath the Eternal Fleet and the Gravestone, with the personnel from two warring factions still onboard. ARIES used a superweapon to knock every organic on those ships unconscious and placed them across the surface of Iokath to test in combat simulations.

Should I send Kaliyo or jorgan?

No matter which option you choose Koth and Senya will oppose you: sending Kalyio on the mission means bombing their home world. Sending Havoc Squad in means leaving Kaliyo to create a diversion, which carries the risk of injuring or killing civilians. For once, Koth and Senya stand together against you.

Can you take needles alive Swtor?

Only Kardan, Fuse, and Tavus can be kept alive. Needles, Wraith, and Gearbox all die directly from your fight with them. Kardan, Fuse, and Tavus can be killed as well depending on your choices. So your choice is you can either save half of them or kill all of them.

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