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What is ATM fee in Allahabad Bank?

What is ATM fee in Allahabad Bank?

Transaction Charge at International ATMs ATM Cash Withdrawal Charges is Rs 150 per transaction and for Balance Enquiry Rs 15. For VISA/ Master International Card(Gold and Platinum): Cash withdrawal charges abroad is Rs 140 per transaction and Rs 34 for balance enquiry.

Are there any fees for a debit card?

Fees. Though debit cards don’t have annual fees, you may pay other fees to have a checking account. Those can include monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees if you overspend from your account, returned item fees, and foreign ATM fees if you use your debit card at another bank or financial institution’s machine.

What are the charges for applying new debit card?

1)Debit card re-issuance/ replacement SBI, ICICI, HDFC, PNB and Axis bank charges a fee of Rs 200 for replacement of a lost card. Yes bank charges a fee of Rs 149 while Bank of India charges a fee of Rs 120.

How can I get Visa debit card from Allahabad Bank?

To apply for an Allahabad Bank debit card you must have a Savings or Current account with the bank. In case you do not have any Savings or Current account, you need to send a duly filled application form to apply for your account and debit card. The bank provides free personal accident insurance cover to its users.

What is the limit of Allahabad Bank debit card?

These ATMs operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Allahabad Bank has its own ATM Network that consists of 1244 ATMs….24-hour customer service.

Type of card Transaction limit per day
Allahabad Bank International Debit Cum ATM Card One can withdraw a maximum limit of Rs.25,000/-

How can I apply for Allahabad debit card?

Allahabad Bank Debit Card Apply Online Through Mobile Banking. Step 1: Login to Empower Mobile Banking application by entering your login MPIN. Step 2: After login, tap on More option and then in the Card Request section, tap on Debit Card Request. Now submit your request.

What can you do with Allahabad Bank debit card?

ATM cum Debit card are ways to pay for different daily activities. Allahabad bank provides debit card to their Allahabad Bank Account holders when the customer opens a saving or current account for free. A debit card can be used to pay bills at different stores without using cash.

Which is the oldest bank in Allahabad?

Allahabad Bank is a nationalised bank and is also among the oldest banks to offers ATM services to its users providing them the convenience of 24/7 banking assistance. Allahabad Bank is an active member of NFS and VISA networks to empower its users to comprehensively use ATMs anywhere around the world.

Can a debit card be used in more than one account?

Cash transaction from one account to an associated card is limited up to a maximum of INR 15,000 daily. You can operate more than one account with one International Debit-Cum-ATM Card You can deposit or cash your cheque as well as get a cheque book from your nearest Allahabad bank branch

Is the Allahabad Bank a member of NFS?

Allahabad Bank is an active member of NFS and VISA networks to empower its users to comprehensively use ATMs anywhere around the world. The bank has marked its position among the Top 200 members of Forbes Global List.

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