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What is the acronym of Nu?

What is the acronym of Nu?

Acronym Definition
NU Northeastern University (Boston, MA, USA)
NU Niagara University (Niagara County, New York, USA)
NU Newcastle United
NU Next Up

What is Nu chemistry?

Symbol for kinematic viscosity; frequency; stoichiometric number. 3. In chemistry, denotes the position of a substituent located on the thirteenth atom from the carboxyl or other functional group.

What does nun mean in texting?

Nothing is the most common definition of NUN on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NO. Definition: nothing.

What is the abbreviation of VSS?


Acronym Definition
VSS Volume Shadow Copy Service
VSS Versions
VSS Visual SourceSafe (Microsoft)
VSS Verses

Why is V used for frequency?

Specifically, frequency times wavelength equals speed. Wave speed is also sometimes called “velocity.” The relationship between frequency, wavelength, and velocity is expressed mathematically as f ·𝛌 = v. In this equation, f is frequency; 𝛌 is lambda, the Greek letter used to symbolize wavelength; and v is velocity.

What is the abbreviation of AR?

Two-Letter State Abbreviations


What does Nu stand for in medical category?

All Acronyms lists 266 meanings of NU: education technology university science business medical government development organizations student 1 / 10

What is the medical abbreviation N for noon?

N. nitrogen. noon. nausea. negative. neutrophil. newton. nodes. NA.

What does NSN stand for in medical terms?

NSN: nephrotoxic serum nephritis neurophysin NSO: Nurses Service Organization Neosporin ointment NSP: neurotoxic shellfish poisoning neuron specific protein neck and shoulder pain NSR: normal sinus rhythm non significant result nasoseptal repair no sign of recurrence nonspecific reaction not seen regularly NSS: normal saline solution

What does NB stand for in medical terms?

NBF: no breast feeding : nerve blood flow : nucleotide-binding fold : NBH: new bag hung: NBI: no bone injury: non-battle injury : NBICU: newborn intensive care unit: NBM: normal bone marrow : no bowel movement: normal bowel movement : nothing by mouth : NBP: needle biopsy of prostate: no bone pathology : normal blood pressure : NBR: no blood

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