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What is the flowering time for OG Kush?

What is the flowering time for OG Kush?

8-9 weeks
On average, OG Kush provides 17 ounces per square meter planted indoors, and its flowering time is 8-9 weeks. On average, OG Kush produces 17 oz of bud per square meter (indoors), and its flowering time is between 8-9 weeks. Outdoor growers can expect up to 16 ounces per plant and to harvest in early October.

Is Herojuana an indica or Sativa?

Herijuana, also known as “Herojuana,” is an indica marijuana strain. Originally bred by Woodhorse Seeds, Herijuana is a combination of the highly regarded Humboldt County Afghan indica called Petrolia Headstash and an outdoor hybrid from Kentucky known only as the “Killer New Haven” strain.

What is the strongest OG Kush?

1 – Godfather OG (The World’s Strongest Marijuana Strain?) Godfather OG is cultivated by California Herbal Remedies (CHR) and is believed to be a cross of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. With this information in hand, it is no surprise that Godfather OG is often referred to as the ‘Don of all Kush’ strains.

Will Orange Herijuana get you high?

Medicinally, this moderate strain will help alleviate minor pains while providing an uplifting experience that allows the patient to stay active and pain-free. With its delightful fruity experience and its uplifting euphoric effects, this strain is a guaranteed favorite.

Is OG Kush good for beginners?

Either way, the common consensus is that OG Kush is generally a very strong strain, and its high THC content (typically between 20-25%) makes it not the best strain for newcomers to cannabis.

What are the parents of OG Kush?

OG Kush, also known as “Premium OG Kush,” was first cultivated in Florida in the early ’90s when a strain from Northern California was supposedly crossed with Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam.

What strain is headstash?

An indica-dominant strain with a complex genetic profile. Headstash clinched 1st prize in the Best Indica category at the 2015 Amsterdam Elite Cup.

What strain is orange skunk?

Orange Skunk is an 80/20 sativa cannabis strain that is also known as The Original Californian Orange Skunk. Thanks to its moderate THC levels of between 12 to 16%, this is a strain that can be enjoyed by most smokers. As a sativa-dominant strain, Orange Skunk has a fairly quick flowering time – 8 to 9 weeks.

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