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How do you do a SELCAL check?

How do you do a SELCAL check?

The aircraft station should contact the appropriate aeronautical station and request a preflight SELCAL check and, if necessary, give its SELCAL code. When primary and secondary frequencies are assigned, a SELCAL check should normally be made first on the secondary frequency and then on the primary frequency.

Where is SELCAL used?

The use of SELCAL allows an aircraft crew to be notified of incoming communications even when the aircraft’s radio has been muted. Thus, crewmembers need not devote their attention to continuous radio listening.

Where is aircraft in SELCAL code?

In principle, the SELCAL code in the aircraft should be associated with the radiotelephony call sign, i.e. where the flight number (service number) is employed in the radio call sign, the SELCAL code in the aircraft should be listed against the flight number.

How do you take SELCAL?

When a SELCAL decoder on an aircraft receives a signal containing its own assigned SELCAL code, it alerts the aircraft’s crew by sounding a chime, activating a light, or both. The crew next turns up the volume on the aircraft radio to hear the incoming voice transmission.

How is the problem reduced where an aircraft have the same SELCAL code?

7.7 How is the problem reduced where 2 aircraft have the same SELCAL code? Answer: Either by assigning the same code to aircraft on opposite sides of the globe or by assigning different HF channels (HF only).

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Who is the Registrar of the SELCAL system?

In January 2006 ASRI replaced ARINC as the registrar of the SELCAL system for the aviation community. ASRI, instead of ARINC, is now responsible for administering SELCAL codes, maintaining the database, and providing periodic reports on the status of the SELCAL system to ICAO.

How does the SELCAL code work on a plane?

Receipt of the assigned tone code (SELCAL code) activates a cockpit call system for display on the signal indicator. The type of signal indicator can be chosen to suit operational requirements of the user and may consist of a lamp, a bell, a chime or any combination of such indicating devices.

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