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Where was the Cutty Sark ship built?

Where was the Cutty Sark ship built?

Dumbarton, United Kingdom
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What’s the Cutty Sark famous for?

What is Cutty Sark famous for? Cutty Sark represents the pinnacle of clipper ship design and was one of the fastest ships of its day. Aged 14 years, Cutty Sark started recording remarkably fast passage times, under her Master Richard Woodget, and became the dominant ship in bringing wool from Australia to England.

Where did the name Cutty Sark come from?

Cutty Sark’s name comes from the famous poem Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns. It is about a farmer called Tam who is chased by a scantily-clad witch called Nannie, dressed only in a ‘cutty sark’.

How fast did the Cutty Sark sail?

17 knots
How fast was Cutty Sark? Cutty Sark’s top speed was over 17 knots.

Is Cutty Sark a good scotch?

It is not the best of the economy blended scotch whisky category. However, Cutty Sark is a good, everyday sipper that meets the basic needs of decent scotch. To succeed, a blend has to do something with the sweetness and Cutty Sark has managed just that. Sweetness has to go somewhere.

How much is a bottle of Cutty Sark?


Size 750ML
Proof 80.00

Is Cutty Sark scotch?

Launched at the start of the 1920s, in the midst of an emerging cocktail culture, Cutty Sark can claim to be the first light-coloured blended Scotch whisky whose delicate, soft flavours made a lasting impact among its drinkers.

When was the first Cutty Sark ship built?

When was Cutty Sark built? Cutty Sark was built in Dumbarton in 1869. Cutty Sark ’s first voyage departed London on 15 February 1870, bound for Shanghai. On this outward voyage, the ship carried a general cargo, including wine, spirits and beer and manufactured goods.

What are some interesting facts about the Cutty Sark?

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the Cutty Sark… The Cutty Sark is a tea clipper – this means that it was a ship built for extreme speed and streamlined ocean wayfaring, in order to transport tea across the seas.

Where was the Cutty Sark tea clipper built?

Built on the River Leven, Dunbarton, Scotland in 1869 for the Jock Willis Shipping Line, she was one of the last tea clippers to be built and one of the fastest, coming at the end of a long period of design development, which halted as sailing ships gave way to steam propulsion.

When did the Cutty Sark return to London?

After successfully reaching China on 31 May, the ship was loaded with 1,305,812 lbs of tea. Following only 25 days in port in Shanghai, the ship sped back to London arriving on 13 October the same year.

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