How do you get the side bar on ActivInspire?

How do you get the side bar on ActivInspire?

Press the Command key and the J key. Choose View -> Customize from the ActivInspire menu bar. Choose ActiveInspire -> Preferences from the ActivInspire menu bar.

How do I view multiple pages in ActivInspire?

By default, when you install ActivInspire, the Page Browser and the other browsers — not to be confused with Internet browsers — are on the left side of the page, and if you hover over them they slide into view. If you don’t see them at all, click the View pull-down menu and then Browsers.

How do I add more colors to ActivInspire?

Click the Colours button beside Main Toolbox to change between 8, 16, and 24 colors. Then click Done. (If you want additional colors on all of your profiles, be sure to change the setting for each here before clicking Done.)

Do Promethean Boards have microphones?

If you are recording at your computer and it has a built-in microphone, no other equipment will be needed. Plug the cord into the USB port on the Promethean Board and the microphone will work as it would if plugged into the computer’s USB port.

Can you crop in ActivInspire?

It’s not yet possible to crop an image from inside ActivInspire itself. The image would need to be cropped using another piece of software before being inserted into the flipchart.

What can you do with ActivInspire?

Use it as a a collaborative workspace: Anything you do in ActivInspire can be saved directly to your desktop, a specific folder, or even a USB. When you open ActivInspire, you are presented with a blank canvas, so use it for notes or a sign-in sheet in the beginning of class.

Can you insert a PDF into ActivInspire?

IMPORTING PDFs Description: While some folks might use ActivInspire’s Desktop tools to annotate directly on a pdf, it is really advantageous to import the pdf directly into ActivInspire (and it’s quick too!). 3. Navigate to the PDF you wish to import (WordProblems), click on it, then click OPEN.

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Where is the pressure pad on a beActive brace?

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