Did the Steelers win the Super Bowl in 2008?

Did the Steelers win the Super Bowl in 2008?

The 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers season was the franchise’s 76th season in the National Football League (NFL). The season concluded with the team winning Super Bowl XLIII to become the first franchise in the NFL with six Super Bowl titles.

Who played in the 2009 Super Bowl?

The Steelers defeated the Cardinals by the score of 27–23. The game was played on February 1, 2009, at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. With this victory, the Steelers became the first team to win six Super Bowl championships.

What was the score in Super Bowl 43?

Big Ben drives Steelers to Super Bowl XLIII win Capping a remarkable fourth quarter, Santonio Holmes made a brilliant catch for a 6-yard touchdown with 35 seconds remaining to give the Pittsburgh Steelers a record sixth Super Bowl title, 27-23 over the gutty Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.

Who won the Super Bowl in 2008?

New York Giants
Super Bowl XLII/Champion
New York Giants In Super Bowl XLII in 2008, led by quarterback Eli Manning and defensive lineman Michael Strahan, the Giants managed one of the greatest upsets in NFL history, defeating the previously undefeated and heavily favoured New England Patriots. After a two-year play-off drought, the Giants again reached…

What years did the Steelers play in the Super Bowl?

Below is a recap of the six wins.

  • Super Bowl IX. Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6.
  • ​Super Bowl X. Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17.
  • ​Super Bowl XIII. Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31.
  • ​Super Bowl XIV. Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 19.
  • Super Bowl XL. Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10.
  • ​Super Bowl XLIII. Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23.

Who won Super Bowl 44?

New Orleans Saints
Super Bowl XLIV/Champion
02/07/2010 Drew Brees led the New Orleans Saints to a 31-17 Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The Saints took control of the game when they started the second half with an on-side kick catching the Colts and all those watching off guard.

Who beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers captured their fourth Super Bowl title and 13th world championship on Sunday night in front of 103,219 at Cowboys Stadium with a 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

How many Super Bowls have the Pittsburgh Steelers won?

The Steelers have played in eight Super Bowls, winning six of them, including four in six years.

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers players from 2008?

Roster Table No. Player Age G AV 46 Patrick Bailey 23 12 1 81 Dallas Baker 26 8 0 17 Mitch Berger 36 13 1 31 Fernando Bryant 31 2 0

Who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw became the first to earn back-to-back MVP awards since Green Bay’s Bart Starr (Super Bowl I-II) by throwing for 309 yards and two touchdowns. For the first time in franchise history, the Steelers were defeated in the Super Bowl.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers start their winning streak?

Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team with the longest winning streak beginning in 1974. They have met several teams emerging winners in six games out of the total games played. Below are some of the Pittsburgh steelers super bowls wining game .

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