What does a little on edge mean?

What does a little on edge mean?

to be nervous or worried: Sorry for shouting – I’m a bit on edge today. Want to learn more?

What does verb edge mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to give an edge to. b : to be on an edge of trees edging the lake. 2 : to move or force gradually edged him off the road. 3 : to incline (a ski) sideways so that one edge cuts into the snow.

What’s another word for being on edge?

What is another word for on edge?

anxious edgy
nervous tense
uneasy troubled
worried antsy
jumpy jittery

What does have me on edge mean?

phrase. If you or your nerves are on edge, you are tense, nervous, and unable to relax. My nerves were constantly on edge. Synonyms: tense, excited, wired [slang], nervous More Synonyms of on edge.

What is the idiom for on edge?

In a precarious position; also, in a state of keen excitement, as from danger or risk. For example, When the stock market crashed, their whole future was on the edge, or Skydivers obviously must enjoy living on the edge.

What is the example of edge?

The edge is defined as the outside edge of an area, the sharp end of something or to a point right before something happens. An example of edge is the perimeter of the yard right before where you put your fence. An example of edge is the area right before a cliff begins. An example of edge is the sharp side of a knife.

What kind of word is Edge?

The word edge most commonly refers to the sharp or angled side of an object or the place where something stops and something else starts—a border or margin. Edge is also used as a verb meaning to move sideways. Edge has many additional senses as both a noun and verb.

What do you call a sharp edge?

acute, pointed, stinging, sharpened, keen, salient, fine, tapering, gnawing, jagged, shooting, serrated, barbed, acuminate, peaked, piercing, spiked, tined, edged, honed.

What does it mean by feeling on edge?

The phrase “on edge” means “feeling nervous” or “not calm and relaxed.” It is used to say that someone is having feelings of being worried and afraid about what might happen.

What does being on edge feel like?

Restlessness is another common symptom of anxiety, especially in children and teens. When someone is experiencing restlessness, they often describe it as feeling “on edge” or having an “uncomfortable urge to move.”

Where did the term on edge come from?

In other words, the earliest sense comes from a Latin Bible translation that might have meant to numb the teeth. On edge in the first figurative sense, meaning full of eagerness, is attested from 1580: on edge (said of ears, heart, teeth; also, to set): full of eagerness, all agog, ready.

What is the meaning of edge in English?

English Language Learners Definition of edge (Entry 2 of 2) : to give an edge to (something) : to be on the edge of (something) : to move slowly or with small movements in a specified direction. See the full definition for edge in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What’s the meaning of the term cutting edge?

Old trends evolve into new ones, forcing gyms to stay cutting edge, but keeping customers excited about working out. Pat it gently with your fingertips to stretch it evenly out to the edges of the pan.

Which is the best example of an edge?

What is a basic definition of edge? 1 Real-life example: The edges of an object are its outermost borders or margins. When you write too close to the edge of… 2 Used in a sentence: The pencil rolled over the edge of the desk and fell on the floor. More

What’s the difference between a border and an edge?

Edge, border, margin refer to a boundary. An edge is the boundary line of a surface or plane: the edge of a table. Border is the boundary of a surface or the strip adjacent to it, inside or out: a border of lace. Margin is a limited strip, generally unoccupied, at the extremity of an area: the margin of a page.

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