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What is master data in SAP HR?

What is master data in SAP HR?

SAP HR master data management allows you to collect all relevant HR data in a centralized location and provide it to other modules. You complete all HR related workflows, such as an employee’s marriage or salary adjustments, and analyze the data according to your specific needs.

How do you display HR master data in SAP?

  1. Managers and Payroll Coordinators can use the SAP transaction PA20 (Display Employee Master Data) to view an employee’s information via WebGUI (ECC System).
  2. From the results, click on the row containing the name you.
  3. On clicking Overview on the menu bar, a user can see a.
  4. The Planned working time infotype IT0007 contains.

How does SAP maintain HR master data?


  1. To maintain the HR master data, choose. Human Resources Personnel Management Administration HR Master Data Maintain.
  2. Enter the Personnel No. .
  3. Enter data for the following infotypes: Personal data (0002)
  4. Use the input help (F4) under Direct Selection , to select the following data:
  5. Choose to save your entries.

What is PA30 Tcode in SAP?

PA30 transaction is a transaction in which you are updating a employee data by way of Infotype (different areas) in HR. PA30 is HR Master Data Maintenance . Enter any existing personnel number (for example 1000).

How many tables in SAP?

There are 4 Table-Types within the SAP System: Tables which have technical control functions within the SAP system. Other tables contain basic commercial data (bank data, currency …). Tables for the organization of a company (company codes, customer data …).

What is the use of sap tables?

Pooled Tables in SAP. They are used to hold a large number of very small tables(stores customizing data or system data) It has a many-to-one relationship with a table in the database. It is stored with other pooled tables in a single table called table pool in the database.

What is a vendor master in SAP?

Concept Of A Vendor Master. The vendor master stores all the data pertaining to a particular vendor in SAP. This data is made available to other transactions and modules as and when required by SAP via the inter-module integration.

What are the tables for SAP mm?

group etc.

  • MAKT: Table contains description about materials.
  • MARC: Material Plant data.
  • MARD: Material storage location.
  • MARM: Materials unit of measure data for conversion and all.
  • MAPE: material export control files
  • MAPR: material forecast data
  • MCHA: Material batch master record table

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