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How do I start the maelstrom prison flashpoint?

How do I start the maelstrom prison flashpoint?

It is down an elevator there. You can get there by going to the “Interfleet Transport” elevator and using the shuttle. If you get the Jedi Prisoner quest it will direct you there.

Where is maelstrom Prison?

The Maelstrom Prison was a space station constructed in the heart of the Maelstrom nebula for the Sith Emperor’s enemies.

Where is the foundry Flashpoint?

You can reach the foundry from the Imperial Fleet station by taking the Mission Departures elevator to the Interfleet Transport deck. At Interfleet Transport, you can take a shuttle to the White Nova.

How do I beat Colonel Daksh?

Strategy. “Eat lightsaber, jerk!” – Strategies for SWTOR bosses follow below! Colonel Daksh will periodically display en emote that he is charging a laser. When this happens, have your entire group break line of site for the 30 seconds his buff is in effect.

How do you get to Taral 5?

Either from MP-77 or from Security Officer Minik get the mission, and then you can enter the Situation Room. Inside the Situation Room Master Oteg gives you the mission details, when finished he sends you to take shuttle to Taral V.

Is revan in swtor?

Appearances in The Old Republic Redeemed as a Jedi, Revan traveled into deep space in search of a mysterious evil. We now know that the source of this evil was the reconstituted Sith Empire, but that solves only a portion of the mystery…” Revan’s status has been confirmed as alive within the SWTOR game.

How do you start a boarding party Flashpoint?

Boarding Party Flashpoint: Where is this?

  1. Go to The White Nova Command Deck on the imperial fleet, which is the ship on the left.
  2. Take lift.
  3. When you go out of lift, turn right, and look for Sergeant Tebar who will be on the right hand side when you are facing north in the circular hall.

What kind of prison is the Maelstrom Prison?

The Maelstrom Prison is a massive space station that uses both modern and ancient methods of containment. Intelligence recovered by the Republic SIS suggests some chambers were built according to specifications provided by the Emperor himself.

Which is harder Maelstrom Prison or false emperor?

Maelstrom Prison is the Republic equivalent of The Foundry and is a continuation of Taral V. It is an indoors area much like False Emperor and therefore you cannot skip as much trash as you did in Taral V. The bosses in Maelstrom Prison are also a bit harder than the bosses in Taral V, or at least I have found.

Do you need to be Jedi prisoner to enter Maelstrom Prison?

You will need to be on the quest Jedi Prisoner to be able to enter Maelstrom Prison (you do not need to have completed it). X-37 is a big robot guarding the door, he has only two abilities you have to be aware of, one only affecting the tank

How to kill Daksh in hardmode Maelstrom Prison?

Something to keep in mind is that the barrels near the boxes will not provide protection from Daksh’s laser zap (they are not tall enough). Very easy miniboss, he releases a bunch of normal adds during the fight (around 5k HP). Just focus on burning down Kancras.

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