What is DESC command in SQL?

What is DESC command in SQL?

So desc or describe command shows the structure of table which include name of the column, data-type of column and the nullability which means, that column can contain null values or not. All of these features of table are described at the time of Creation of table.

How do you describe a table in a snowflake database?

Describes either the columns in a table or the current values, as well as the default values, for the stage properties for a table. DESCRIBE can be abbreviated to DESC.

Which table controls DB2?

Historical analysis (QUERY_ANALYSIS) control table. Contains data generated by historical analysis using DB2 Explain data. This table is populated when historical data generation is performed. Records are deleted from this table when the corresponding entry in the TRACK_QUERY_INFO table is deleted.

Why DESC is used in SQL?

The ORDER BY statement in sql is used to sort the fetched data in either ascending or descending according to one or more columns. By default ORDER BY sorts the data in ascending order. We can use the keyword DESC to sort the data in descending order and the keyword ASC to sort in ascending order.

How to describe a table in DB2 using XQuery?

How to describe Table in DB2? 1 End result of select and Xquery statement. 2 It also used to display the OUT and INOUT parameters. 3 Different columns from the specified table and view. 4 Specified index from the table and view

What is the DB2 describe TABLE command used for?

DB2 provides the different types of commands to the user, the DB2 describe table is one of the commands that is provided by the DB2. Basically describe table command is used to fetch all details structure of a created table that

How to view the table structure in DB2 database?

How to view the table structure in db2 database Open db2 command window, connect to db2 with following command. > db2 connect to DATABASE_NAME USER USERNAME USING PASSWORD Once you connected successfully, issue the following command to view the table structure.

How to describe a data partition in DB2?

See DB2® Text Search for information listed in the columns. Specifies the table or view for which data partitions need to be described. The information displayed for each data partition in the table includes; the partition identifier and the partitioning intervals. Results are ordered according to the partition identifier sequence.

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