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Do I need a valve cover breather?

Do I need a valve cover breather?

Yes you do need something to vent the crankcase pressure or you’ll start noticing stuff like blown out intake end seals, leaky rear main seal, dipstick blown out of the tube, etc… A hi-performance engine has more crankcase pressure so more “breather” is needed.

What is the hose coming out of the valve cover?

The pcv valve gets a hose from the valve to manifold vaccum source. the opposite valve cover gets a hose to the air cleaner where it is able to pull fresh and at least somewhat filtered air. If you block off one or both of those hoses, you will face some new oil leaks most likely.

What is a breather filter?

The crankcase breather filter, also called a crankcase vent filter (CCV), is part of a vehicles crankcase ventilation system. This filter is a part of the crankcase ventilation system in internal combustion engines of a relatively small number of vehicles including vintage/muscle cars, race cars, and motorcycles.

What is a baffle on a valve cover?

The baffles help seperate the crank case oil from the air so only air is pulled through the PVC valve or pushed up the evac. Our 89 valve covers are the same way. The oil still can be add with the baffles in place.

Can a B20B engine be vented through a valve cover?

In this project we document the process to properly vent your Honda B18B or B20B/Z engine through the valve cover for vented catch can applications. Our process does not require welding and is perfectly suited for a driveway project. The installed ports can be used for -10AN lines as well as 1/2″ automotive oil line hose.

What kind of valve cover does an OBD1 B18B use?

OBD1 B18B engines utilized the black box on the back of the block to vent the crank case. OBD1 B18B valve covers are not tall enough to fit the required fittings without welding and special baffle fabrication.

Can a B18B engine be vented without a vacuum?

But due to the lack of vacuum and increased crankcase pressures from a high performance engine the original ventilation hoses and ports are usually not adequate for vacuum-less crankcase venting. OBD1 B18B engines utilized the black box on the back of the block to vent the crank case.

Can a Honda OBD2 be vented through a valve cover?

Honda eliminated the black box in OBD2 B18B and B20 engines by venting the crank case through the valve cover. This design change effectively increased the valve cover height.

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