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What are the dimensions of a Wing Chun dummy?

What are the dimensions of a Wing Chun dummy?

Dummy Specs: – Space Between the upper arms and mid arm = 8.5 inches (21.6 cm). – Space Between mid arm and leg = 11 inches (28 cm). – Space between the tips of two upper arms = 9 inches (22.8 cm). – Slat Holes made to accommodate slats that are 2.125 inches tall by 1.25 inches wide (5.4 x 3.18 cm).

What is the purpose of the wooden dummy?

The wooden dummy is used for solo training and is a surrogate for a sparring partner. It cannot attack you, but it is designed in a way to motionlessly simulate a potential moving opponent. It is divided into several sections and is used to enhance one’s range, positioning, flow and precision of movement.

Why do martial artists use wooden dummies?

Although some martial artists still aim for that goal, wing chun training does not focus on making direct contact with the device’s wooden appendages. Instead, it uses the dummy to instill the ability to deflect or release an opponent’s force.

What kind of dummy is used in Wing Chun?

The Jong as it is referred to in Cantonese is used to train the techniques for the Wing Chun system. These dummy plans are based around the specifications of Hong Kong Wall mounted Wooden Dummies. The Wooden Dummy sometimes called the wooden Man is used to practice the Mok Yang Jong form.

Which is the best plan for a wooden dummy?

This plan was the wooden dummy plan from one of my fellow members at the University of British Columbia Wing Chun club. what is hard to see from these diagrams is the exact feel the dummy should have. It should not have too loose a feel but it should not have too tight a feel. A good wooden dummy makes you feel like using the dummy everyday.

What kind of wood do you need for a kung fu dummy?

You’re making your kung fu wooden dummy and you don’t want it to be subpar. With that being said, you want to choose a material that can withstand some punishment. If you decide to take on this project with wooden materials, go for a hardwood that is dry all the way through.

What do you need to make a wooden sword dummy?

These wooden dummies consist of a stick that is suspended in such a way that it moves easily when you chop at it, but still returns quickly to it’s original position. The stick should be slightly thicker and heavier than a regular broomstick to give sufficient feedback when you hit it.

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