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Who are bad people in The Crucible?

Who are bad people in The Crucible?

Greed caused those three characters, Reverend Parris, Thomas Putnam, and Judge Danforth, to be the “villains” of the play.

Who is the most problematic character in The Crucible?

Abigail Williams. Of the major characters, Abigail is the least complex. She is clearly the villain of the play, more so than Parris or Danforth: she tells lies, manipulates her friends and the entire town, and eventually sends nineteen innocent people to their deaths.

Who are the good and evil characters in The Crucible?

Undeniably, The Crucible is a play illustrating good versus evil. The principal characters, Abigail Williams, John Proctor, Ann Putnam and Marry Warren all contain within them elements of good and evil.

Who is the true villain in the play The Crucible?

Type of Villain Reverend Samuel Parris is a major antagonist in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, which was partially inspired from the Salem Witch trials of 1692, and was used as an allegory for the Red Scare that happened during the Cold War in the 1960s.

Who is the best character from The Crucible?

Thesis: Elizabeth Proctor is the strongest character in The Crucible because she shows incredible loyalty to her friends and family, she loves her husband enough to give him his “goodness,” and she has the courage to stand up for herself even though it may have ultimately destroyed her life forever.

Who is the true villain in The Crucible?

Who was a good character in The Crucible?

John Proctor, Elizabeth, Giles, Rebecca, Martha, and Reverend Hale are considered “good” characters, who champion the truth, make significant sacrifices, and attempt to undermine and expose Salem’s corrupt court.

How many of Ann Putnam’s children died?

Ann Putnam has lost seven total children. She has one surviving child.

Why is Abigail jealous of Elizabeth?

Abigail is motivated by jealousy of Elizabeth Proctor; she wants Elizabeth to die so she can marry John, Elizabeth’s husband. Thomas Putnam is motivated by jealousy of other people’s property; he wants George Jacobs to die so he can get his hands on a great piece of land.

Who are the bad characters in the Crucible?

Reverend Samuel Parris and his niece Abigail Williams also would fall into the “bad” category because they are selfishly motivated and are primarily responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians.

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Who was arrested for witchcraft in the Crucible?

Betty falls into a strange stupor after Parris catches her and the other girls dancing in the forest with Tituba. Her illness and that of Ruth Putnam fuel the first rumors of witchcraft. Giles Corey’s third wife. Martha’s reading habits lead to her arrest and conviction for witchcraft.

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