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What happened to Melanie on days?

What happened to Melanie on days?

Melanie was created by head-writer Dena Higley and Rick Draughon. She is portrayed by actress Molly Burnett. On May 29, 2012, it was announced that Burnett was to depart Days of our Lives following her decision to quit the series due to her contract which expired that June. Burnett’s exit aired on September 28, 2012.

Is Melanie Jonas coming back to Days of Our Lives?

Molly Burnett is returning to “Days of Our Lives” as Melanie Jonas in January. Her length of stay is not yet announced.

What is Molly Burnett doing now?

Back in Salem. Since leaving, Burnett has appeared on “Cameras,” “Ladies’ Man: A Made Movie,” “This Magic Moment,” “Major Crimes” and with several of her “Days” co-stars in “Addicts Anonymous.” Viewers can expect to see her appearing again later this fall. …

Who did Melanie date on Days of Our Lives?

Days of our Lives

Spouses Philip Kiriakis (2010-11)
Romances Chad DiMera (ex-fiancée) Dario Hernandez (dated) Nathan Horton (dated) Philip Kiriakis (dated/lovers/engaged) Brady Black (dated/lovers) Nick Fallon † (dated)
Grandparents Henri Von Leuschner George Jonas † Maggie Horton Lillian Parker † (adoptive)

Who is Parker’s dad on Days of Our Lives?

Parker Daniel Jonas is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed most recently by Christian Ganiere in 2016….Days of our Lives.

Family Jonas Family
Parents Daniel Jonas † Chloe Lane
Siblings Melanie Jonas Holly Jonas (paternal half)

Who is Tiffany on Days of Our Lives?

Tiffany Nicole Palma was born on August 9, 1982 in the USA. She is an actress, known for Days of …

What did Kelly Anne do to Teresa?

Kelly Anne pinched cocaine from Teresa to fuel her drug habit. She used to practice law and goes back to practicing it in NOLA.

What age is Molly Burnett?

33 years (April 23, 1988)
Molly Burnett/Age

Is Gwen Jack’s daughter on days?

Jack and Jennifer confronted Gwen about her desire to destroy their family, and Gwen revealed that she was Jack’s daughter with Tiffany Riczchech. Jack was stunned and didn’t remember Tiffany. Gwen claimed that Tiffany tracked Jack down in Salem, and he had his secretary pay her mother off to go away.

Who is Rex on Days of Our Lives?

Rex is the son of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts and twin brother to Cassie Brady . Rex first appeared on July 8, 2002, and left town on July 26, 2005. He is the son of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts and twin brother to Cassie Brady. In the fall of 2018, Rex returned to Days, now played by Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady).

Who is Maxine Landis on Days of Our Lives?

This is a list of notable characters who significantly impacted storylines and made their first appearance between 2000 to 2009. Maxine Landis is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives . She was portrayed by Aloma Wright from 2008 to 2015 when the character just dropped off the canvas.

Who is Melanie Jonas father on Days of Our Lives?

On July 31, 2008, Melanie is introduced as a sharp-tongued, quick-witted party girl who was well known for seducing men. Upon her debut, she is revealed as the daughter of Jane Layton and Trent Robbins, who is also the father of her half-brother Max Brady.

Who are the creators of Days of Our Lives?

Created by Ted and Betty Corday, the series focuses on the residents of the fictional midwestern town of Salem, USA. It premiered on November 8, 1965.

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