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Does Namor die?

Does Namor die?

During some of his exiles from Atlantis, he joined his former rivals, the Avengers, and helped to found the Defenders. Not long afterwards, rogue elements of Atlantean society led by Attuma declared war on the surface, and Namor was presumed killed in the battle, though the Atlantean barbarians were defeated.

Who did Namor kill?

He’s turned evil like 1600 times and switches sides the way most of us change clothes. And he murdered a D list Avenger that hardly anyone knows. Next. Marvel just abandoned Namor’s history as a superhero in the comics, having the famous Sub-Mariner murder Stingray – a former member of the Avengers.

What happened to Namor?

After being deposed from his throne, Namor joins the superhero team the Avengers. He is briefly married to Marrina, an aquatic alien and a member of the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight. She is later presumed killed, but she is later revealed to be in a coma, of which Namor is unaware.

Did Hyperion kill Namor?

In addition to killing one of Marvel’s oldest characters in an incredibly convincing fashion — he’s beheaded on-panel by Hyperion — writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk upped that ante by first destroying the entire city of Atlantis.

Which Avenger did Namor kill?

Last month, it appeared that his longtime ally, Namor the Submariner, killed Stingray in Avengers #9, by writer Jason Aaron. I was devastated. It’s been a rough year for me and having my favorite superheroes killed. The issue opens with a really awesome scene of Stingray fighting Tiger Shark, drawn by David Marquez.

Who is stronger Hyperion or sentry?

The Sentry, Hyperion, and Gladiator are all some of Marvel’s strongest powerhouses, but one of these Superman analogues is in a league of their own. He’s beaten Hyperion King. His power comes from entire universe of antimatter. That’s more than 1000 exploding suns since a universe contains trillions of stars.

Who has Hyperion killed?

Without further warning, Hyperion blows right through Galactus’ head, flying straight into the behemoth’s face and bursting out the back of his skull without slowing down for a second, killing Galactus instantly.

Is Namor stronger than Thor?

At full strength, Namor can fight evenly with powerhouses like Thor, Hulk, and Hercules, and is much stronger than Aquaman. Namor has always been considered one of Marvel’s strongest heroes.

Who is Namor and what does he do?

Half-human and half-Atlantean, the mutant Namor the Sub-Mariner has fought both with and against mankind. Namor. The offspring of an Atlantean princess and an American explorer, the powerful mutant Namor is a force to behold. While he occasionally leaves his kingdom to work with – or fight against – humanity, Atlantis is always his utmost priority.

Who are the characters in the new Namor comic?

Marvel’s Pull List, Ryan & Tucker discuss new comics all set in different locations! Dracula battles Captain America in RUINS OF RAVENCROFT: DRACULA #1, Namor & Amadeus Cho in ATLANTIS ATTACKS #1, and Rogue & Gambit in EXCALIBUR #6!

When did Namor disappear from the Marvel Universe?

In the 1950s, Namor attempted to gain recognition for Atlantis, only for bigots to cause the death of a man named Truffaut. Namor disappeared in 1958 after Destiny, the same Paul Destine who had voyaged with his father, attacked Atlantis.

How did Namor come back from the dead?

The latest issue picks off during the skirmish where Namor lost his life. Although the duo initially sought to stop Warrior Woman from reviving the Sub-Mariner, after watching the carnage they’d wrought on Atlantis, and a good deal of soul-searching, the duo have a change of heart.

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