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Is Troll 2 intentionally bad?

Is Troll 2 intentionally bad?

Drudi and Fragasso have stated that their intentions have been misunderstood, as the strongly criticized aspects of the movie are intentionally comic and exaggerated, such as Creedence’s theatrical acting or the preacher’s monologue on eating meat.

When did Troll 2 come out?

October 12, 1990 (USA)
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Does Netflix have Troll 2?

TROLL 2 is available on Netflix instant… – Red Letter Media | Facebook.

Is Branch and poppy dating?

Branch is Poppy’s boyfriend, and the male protagonist of the DreamWorks Trolls franchise. He’s a member of The Snack Pack, having joined the group since the events of Trolls and acting as its second-in-command after Poppy.

Did Netflix get rid of trolls?

Trolls Animated Series Leaves Netflix for Hulu, Watch the First Trailer for TrollsTopia Here. Following the first Trolls movie, a series titled Trolls: The Beat Goes On headed to Netflix.

Who are the main characters in Troll 2?

Troll 2 is a 1990 comedy horror film directed by Claudio Fragasso (under the pseudonym Drake Floyd) and starring Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie McFarland, Deborah Reed and Jason Wright. The plot concerns a family pursued by vegetarian goblins who seek to mutate them into plants so that they can eat them.

Where does Michael Waits live in Troll 2?

Michael Waits has always dreamed of being a farmer, and arranges a home exchange vacation in which he and his family will move into a house in the rural farming community of Nilbog (“goblin” spelled backwards) for a month.

Who is Seth the hitchhiker in Troll 2?

Outside of Nilbog, Seth appears as a hitchhiker, who warns Joshua that Nilbog is the kingdom of the goblins, and that if his family eats anything while they are there, they will be mutated into plants. The family disbelieves Joshua’s warnings and continue on to Nilbog, where they meet their strange and aloof exchange family, the Presents.

Who is Holly Cooper’s boyfriend in Troll 2?

Meanwhile, Joshua’s sister, Holly, receives a visit from her boyfriend Elliot Cooper. Holly accuses Elliot of being a homosexual since he seems to prefer spending time with his friends. Elliot promises to show his devotion by accompanying the family on vacation.

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