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Are moluccans Melanesian?

Are moluccans Melanesian?

The Ambonese, also known as South Moluccans, are an Indonesian ethnic group of mixed Austronesian and Melanesian origin. They are majority Christians followed by Muslims.

Why is Moluccas considered as a Spice Island?

In the 16th century, the Moluccas were nicknamed the “Spice Islands”. This was due to the large number of aromatic plants that grew on this archipelago. Subsequently, the islands were an important strategic base for the highly profitable spice trade. Nutmeg and cloves largely drove the spice trade.

What country is Maluku Selatan?

About Republik Maluku Selatan Part of modern-day Indonesia, the ‘Republic of the South Moluccas’ was a self-proclaimed (and unrecognised) independent nation, established on 25 April 1950 from part of what had been the Dutch East Indies.

What is RMS flag?

Flag. The RMS flag is vertical blue, white, green, red (1:1:1:6) and has proportions 2:3. Two days later the government gave the explanation of the flag. Blue symbolises the sea and loyalty, white stands for purity, peace and the white beaches, green the vegetation, and red the ancestors and blood of the people.

What does Ambonese mean?

noun, plural Am·bo·nese for 1. a native or inhabitant of Ambon. the Austronesian language, having several dialects, spoken by the people of Ambon.

What is Melanesia and Polynesia?

Early white visitors divided the South Sea region into three great areas which they called Polynesia (“many islands”), Melanesia (“black islands”), and Micronesia (“tiny islands”).

Which country was famous as the Spice Island?

Moluccas, Indonesian Maluku, also known as Spice Islands, Indonesian islands of the Malay Archipelago, lying between the islands of Celebes to the west and New Guinea to the east.

What race is Moluccan?

Moluccans are the Austronesian-speaking and Papuan-speaking ethnic groups indigenous to the Maluku Islands, also called the Moluccas and historically known as the Spice Islands, which as a region has been annexed by Indonesia since the end of 1950.

Who are the Moluccans and what kind of people are they?

The Moluccans in the northern Moluccas (present province of North Maluku) are mainly Muslim. and the Moluccans in the central and southern Moluccas (present day Maluku) are mainly Christians.

Who are the Moluccans of the Maluku Islands?

Moluccans are the Austronesian-speaking and Papuan-speaking ethnic groups indigenous to the Maluku Islands, also called the Moluccas, which have been part of Indonesia since 1950. As such, “Moluccans” is used as a blanket term for various ethnic and linguistic groups inhabiting the islands.

Why was the Moluccans important to the Dutch?

The Moluccan community was thus regarded by the Dutch as allies and vice versa. The government of the Netherlands had promised the Moluccans that they would get their own free state and independence back in return for assisting the Netherlands.

What kind of weapons did the Moluccans wear?

Moluccan men performing the traditional Cakalele dance, carrying the Parang Salawaku (Maluku Sword and Shield).

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