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Which European country has the best air quality?

Which European country has the best air quality?

From 2019 to 2020, the top three cleanest cities in Europe in terms of air quality were Umeå in Sweden, Tampere in Finland and Funchal in Portugal. The three most polluted were Nowy Sacz in Poland, Cremona in Italy and Slavonski Brod in Croatia.

Which country in Europe has cleanest air?

Umeå in northeast Sweden, has been named as having the cleanest air in Europe, according to a new report by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The EEA published The European city air quality viewer, an interactive tool showing the air pollution levels in 323 cities in Europe.

What is the EU air quality limit?

Air Quality Standards

Pollutant Concentration Legal nature
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) 125 µg/m3 Limit value to be met as of 1.1

Does Europe have bad air quality?

Air pollution harms human health and the environment. In Europe, emissions of many air pollutants have decreased substantially over the past decades, resulting in improved air quality across the region. However, air pollutant concentrations are still too high, and air quality problems persist.

What is the cleanest city in Europe?

Lisbon is the cleanest city in Europe, with an average rating of 4.79 stars out of 5.

What is the dirtiest city in Europe?

Average PM2. 5 levels in the most polluted capital cities in Europe 2019-2020. Sarajevo was the most polluted capital city in Europe in 2020, with an average PM2. 5 concentration of 42.5 micrograms per cubic meter of air (μg/m³).

What is the legal limit for air pollution?

200 micrograms per cubic metre
The law requires that the hourly measurement of toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) must not exceed 200 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m3) more than 18 times in a whole year.

What are the limits of air pollution?

The 2005 WHO Air quality guidelines offer global guidance on thresholds and limits for key air pollutants that pose health risks. The Guidelines indicate that by reducing particulate matter (PM10) pollution from 70 to 20 micrograms per cubic metre (μg/m), we can cut air pollution-related deaths by around 15%.

What country in Europe has the worst air quality?

Tetovo in the FYR Macedonia has the worst air quality in Europe. Tetovo, FYR Macedonia has the worst air pollution in Europe according to the World Health Organization.

What state has the worst air pollution?

California has the highest ozone levels of any state, according to the American Lung Association’s “State of the Air 2017” report on air pollution, which analyzed counties across the country based on levels of ozone and particle pollution.

What is normal air quality index?

The commonly accepted value is 100 as it corresponds to the generally approved air quality standards as set to safeguard public health. AQI levels below 100 are highly satisfactory while values beyond 100 are regarded to harm human health.

What is good air quality?

Good air quality pertains to the degree which the air is clean, clear and free from pollutants such as smoke, dust and smog among other gaseous impurities in the air. Air quality is determined by assessing a variety of pollution indicators.

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