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Are there any all time songs about cheating?

Are there any all time songs about cheating?

Therefore, the following list consists of top 50 all-time songs about cheating, so if you have been cheated on, or if you have committed infidelity, and you are in need of someone who is feeling the same as yourself – don’t hesitate to take a look.

Are there songs about cheating in love triangles?

In love triangles, the usual laws of geometry do not apply. There are never just three angles—not when all involved parties (cheaters, victims, homewreckers) feel a range of emotions constantly subject to change. All that complexity has made for some terrific pop tunes, and what follows are 15 of the best songs about cheating.

What’s the name of the Killers song about cheating?

It describes a very common situation in relationship – the partners become distanced from each other, and they both cheat. The Killers’ song “Mr. Brightside” is about a jealousy. In other words, a guy suspects that his girlfriend is cheating on him. This Gaye’s song is about a man who finds out that his partner is planning on leaving him.

What was the song between the cheats about?

But the lyric “between the cheats” lets you know something unsavory is going on in her relationship. Apparently, this song is about Amy’s relationship with Blake Fielder, which was complicated. When Blake was dating Amy, he was basically cheating on his girlfriend.

What’s the name of Maroon 5’s song about cheating?

One of Maroon 5’s most famous songs features a heartbroken Adam Levine who finds his girlfriend in bed with another man. On instinct, he shoots the man dead. A cautionary tale if I’ve ever heard one.

What do people feel when someone cheats on them?

According to very often, people are in shock and disbelief, they feel hurt, betrayed, some are sure that the relationship is over, whereas others find the strength to forgive.

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