Are AlienBees continuous lighting?

Are AlienBees continuous lighting?

The AlienBees DigiBee DB400 and DB800 are great small strobe lights with a modeling light that doubles as continuous light. These are high quality, compact studio lights from a manufacturer known for their great customer service. They are a great lighting choice for serious photographers.

What are AlienBees?

The AlienBees™ are powerful, fast, accurate and versatile, with easy-to-use analog controls. The AlienBees™ self-contained studio flash units are available in three output models and five bold colors.

Who makes AlienBees?

Paul C. Buff
Most flash units from Paul C. Buff, the manufacturer of AlienBees products, come with a sync cord if they are new. The new version comes with a 15-inch sync cord to attach to your PC camera sync port.

What is PLM lighting?

The Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM™) System is one of our most popular light modifying setups. The 16 rib frame forms a large, shallow parabolic shape, resulting in extremely efficient light transfer, smooth coverage patterns, and even illumination for maximum light wrap.

What is an 86 PLM?

Overview. The White PLM™ umbrella can be used as a shoot-through, diffused light source or a soft, bounced light source. It provides a wide, unfocused spread of light covering a 150° area for close, low specularity lighting with large round catchlights and very soft shadows.

How do I set up my Einstein light?

Plug in the power cord to the Einstein and to the wall or power source and you’re ready to go! To turn on the light hit the power button. The modeling light is what is always on, and is much dimmer than the actual flash, which only flashes when you take a picture.

What is an Einstein light?

The Einstein™ Flash Unit features action stopping flash durations, color consistency, and the broadest power range. The flexibility of the power range allows for everything from over-powering the sun, to shooting indoor portraits with a wide-open aperture. Perfect for: Professional photographers in any field.

What is PLM in photography?

The Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM™) System is one of our most popular light modifying setups. The unique parabolic umbrella is the modern replacement for conventional umbrellas. White PLM™ Umbrellas can be used as a shoot-through, diffused light source, or a soft, bounced light source.

How do you set up an umbrella lighting for photography?

There are two ways you can place your umbrellas during photography lighting. If you use a shoot-through umbrella then place the umbrella towards the strobe and point the strobe towards the subject. For reflective umbrellas, just point the umbrella towards the subject and strobe towards the umbrella.

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