Where is Sonya Tayeh now?

Where is Sonya Tayeh now?

Teacher Bio Sonya Tayeh was born in New York and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She received her BFA at Wayne State university and now resides in LA.

Who choreographed Sytycd?

Travis Wall

Travis Wall
Occupation Dancer, choreographer, instructor
Known for Runner-up on season two of So You Think You Can Dance, and choreographer on the show from 2011–present.
Parent(s) Denise Wall (mother)
Relatives Danny Tidwell (brother) Tyler Wall T Scott Ross Shannon Womble

Why is Sonya Tayeh important?

Tayeh was nominated for her choreography on Fox TV’s So You Think You Can Dance talent competition. Tayeh is also the movement muse who choreographed the current off-Broadway play Kung Fu about the late martial arts icon Bruce Lee.

What is Sonya Tayeh dance style?

It was the Counter Groove experience that planted the seed for Tayeh’s own distinctive dance style, which she calls “combat jazz.” Characterized by forceful, “warrior-like” movement, Tayeh says it’s about “demanding your own voice and being an aggressive woman.” What she most admired about her mentors was that each …

How old is Sonya Tayeh?

44 years (April 14, 1977)
Sonya Tayeh/Age

Where was Sonya Tayeh born?

New York, NY
Sonya Tayeh/Place of birth

Who has Travis Wall choreographed for?

He choreographed at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards where he worked with Florence and the Machine, Chelsea Handler, Eminem and Drake. Wall also choreographed for the 4th installment of the popular Step Up film series “Step Up: Revolution” and Maddie Ziegler’s debut role on “Pretty Little Liars”.

Who has Sonya Tayeh worked with?

Since gaining mainstream exposure, Tayeh has choreographed tours and/or live events for Madonna, Florence and the Machine, Kylie Minogue, Kerli, and Miley Cyrus. She has also choreographed for Steed Lord and spent three years in residence with the Los Angeles Ballet.

When was Sonya Tayeh born?

April 14, 1977 (age 44 years)
Sonya Tayeh/Date of birth

Where did Travis Wall become a choreographer?

Travis was born and raised in Virgina Beach, Virginia where he began dancing before he could walk at his mother’s dance studio, Denise Wall’s Dance Energy. This is where he began his training as well as dancing in competitions at a young age.

Where does Sonya Tayeh work as a choreographer?

Sonya Tayeh is a New York City-based choreographer. She has worked nationally and internationally across the worlds of dance and theater.

What did Sonya Tayeh do at Wayne State?

In addition to her classes, Tayeh was a member of Counter Groove and Full Circle dance companies. During her time at Wayne State, Tayeh drew on dance history, anatomy, and performance to develop a style that is built on core strength, aggressive partner interaction, quirky, and stylized movements.

What kind of awards does Sonya Tayeh get?

She has earned accolades for her work, including two Emmy nominations for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, and the Lucille Lortel and Obie Awards for “Outstanding Choreography” for her work on David Henry Hwang’s dance-play Kung Fu, for which she also received a Drama Desk nomination.

Who is the choreographer for the song Graveyard?

She has also choreographed for Steed Lord and spent three years in residence with the Los Angeles Ballet. In 2010, she choreographed indie singer Lucy Schwartz ‘ music video “Graveyard”.

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