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What is age of Bushra Ansari?

What is age of Bushra Ansari?

65 years (May 15, 1956)
Bushra Ansari/Age

Where is Bushra Ansari from?

Karachi, Pakistan
Bushra Ansari/Place of birth

Who is the son of Bushra Ansari?

Ahmad Bashir
Mehmooda Bashir
Bushra Ansari/Parents

When did Bushra Ansari get married?

June 11, 1978Iqbal Ansari
Bushra Ansari/Marry dates

Is Asad Siddiqui related to Adnan Siddiqui?

Asad Siddiqui is a Pakistani actor. The nephew of actor Adnan Siddiqui, he appeared in notable television projects including Gumrah, Khuda Dekh Raha Hai, Shikwa, Dareecha, Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, Joru Ka Ghulam, Sanam, Tawaan.

Is Mariam Ansari married?

Mariam Ansari is a Pakistani actress. She was born on 1 March 1996 and raised in Saudi Arabia, Ansari moved to Pakistan when she was nine. Ansari is married to Owais Khan, who is a son of former cricket captain Moin Khan.

How many sons does Bushra Ansari have?

She is mother two beautiful children including son and daughter. This is what Mira Ansari said about her children on social media.”Like any parent I take a million pics of my kids, trying my best to immortalize moments and time.. but I recently realized how I rarely take any pictures with them.

Is Ali Ansari married?

Saboor Aly (2021–)
Ali Ansari/Partner

Is Sana Javed married Hindu?

In October 2020, she has married singer Umair Jaswal in a private Nikah ceremony at her home in Karachi. Later that year, she starred in Dunk as a university student who falsely accuses her professor (played by Nauman Ijaz) of sexual harassment.

Who is Bushra Ansari separated from Iqbal Ansari?

Appeared as a guest in the TV show BOL Nights with Ahsan Khan, Bushra Ansari confirmed that she and Iqbal Ansari are now separated. Bushra Ansari finally confirms the news of her divorce from Iqbal Ansari!

How many kids does Bushra Ansari have now?

Reportedly, the legendary actress tied the knot with producer Iqbal Ansari back in 1978 and remained together for forty-one years. As of now, Bushra Ansari has two beautiful daughters residing abroad named Meera Ansari and Nariman Ansari, respectively.

What was the name of Bushra Ansaris second failed marriage?

It is indeed heart-rending news from the Pakistani star as it was her second failed marriage with director Iqbal Ansari. Last year, Bushra Ansari got shamed on social media for wearing a western dress while abroad and it was chaotic.

Who is acting with Iqbal Hussain in zebaish?

Iqbal Hussain and Bushra Ansari are currently working together on drama serial Zebaish where Bushra Ansari has written the script and Hussain is the director. Moreover, Bushra Ansari will also be seen in the Zebaish, alongside Asma Abbas and her daughter Zara Noor Abbas and senior actor Shabbir Jan. Zebaish will be airing on Hum TV.

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