Is Asheville NC good for hiking?

Is Asheville NC good for hiking?

Nestled in the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, our town is well-loved for its vibrant culture, abundant arts, fantastic cuisine, and close proximity to some of the best trails in the South. These are our top ten favorite hiking trails, all within a 40-mile drive from our city’s downtown at Pack Square.

Where should I hike in Asheville?

With so many hiking trails to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to these top 10 Blue Ridge Parkway hikes within an hour of Asheville.

  • Craggy Gardens Pinnacle. Milepost 364.1.
  • Deep Gap Trail (Mount Mitchell to Mt. Craig)
  • Rattlesnake Lodge.
  • Lunch Rocks Trail.
  • Hard Times Loop.
  • Mount Pisgah.
  • Graveyard Fields.
  • Black Balsam.

How many hikes are in Asheville NC?

We have 3,000+ miles of free, public hiking trails near Asheville, including 1,600 miles in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests, 850 miles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and many more along the Blue Ridge Parkway and in state parks and forests. Where are the best hikes?

Where are the best mountain views in NC?

5 North Carolina Mountains with the Best Views

  1. Rough Ridge. Located on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway, Rough Ridge is home to one of the best scenic overlooks in the state.
  2. Craggy Gardens. Experience the Craggy Gardens on the Craggy Pinnacle Trail.
  3. Chimney Rock State Park.
  4. Black Balsam Knob.
  5. Bearwallow Mountain.

What is the hardest hike in NC?

The Hardest Hikes in North Carolina

  • Mount Mitchell Trail.
  • Shining Creek-Old Butt Knob Loop Trail.
  • Colbert Ridge Trail.
  • Colbert Ridge to Mount Mitchell to Maple Camp Ridge Loop (Counter Clockwise)
  • Grandfather Mountain via Profile Trail.
  • Celo Knob via Black Mountain Crest Trail.
  • Green Mountain Trail.
  • Black Mountain Crest Trail.

Are there bears in Asheville NC?

Bear sightings, while infrequent, are more common in spring. Usually they are seen in more remote areas, but it’s not uncommon to see them in the city of Asheville. Despite their size, black bears are very agile tree climbers. During times of danger or threat, bear cubs will take shelter in trees.

How hard is Grandfather Trail?


How hard is the Mount Mitchell hike?

Starting at the Black Mountain Campground on the Toe River, this hike gains 3600 ft in elevation over 5 1/2 miles to reach the summit of the East’s highest peak, making it one of the toughest continuous climbs in the region, near the limit of what most people will want to tackle in a day hike.

Are there alligators in Asheville?

Asheville ain’t gator territory.. LOL.. We have some big ones around here, dogs are known to go missing.

What are the best hiking trails in Asheville?

Asheville hikes: our favorite trails within forty miles 1 Mount Mitchell. 2 Rattlesnake Lodge. 3 Craggy Gardens. 4 Mt Pisgah. 5 Black Balsam Knob. 6 Graveyard Fields. 7 Catawba Falls. 8 Looking Glass Rock. 9 Skinny Dip Falls. 10 Hiking gear list: our favorite, trail-tested gear.

Where to hike the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina?

Hike the Appalachian Trail at Max Patch, one of North Carolina’s most popular AT hikes, on a grassy, bald mountain that’s covered in wildflowers. Catch a gorgeous sunrise, sunset or afternoon picnic on this moderate two mile loop with stunning 360-degree views and seemingly endless sunshine.

Where is the Lookout Trail in Asheville NC?

Just fifteen minutes east of Asheville, the Lookout Trail swoops up the side of Lookout Mountain in a short and punchy half mile of rock scrambling and wide stairs hacked into the hillside. The view from up top is more intimate than the typical Appalachian vista.

Where are the hiking trails on the Blue Ridge Parkway?

Hike the Tanawha Trail at Rough Ridge, a rocky, angular precipice that offers exceptional summit views of Grandfather Mountain and the Linn Cove Viaduct, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone, NC. Hike the Appalachian Trail to Siler Bald near Franklin, NC, and score some exceptional, 360-degree views from a sun-drenched, grassy summit.

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