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Who is Lucahjin married to?

Who is Lucahjin married to?

Lucahjin is married to ProtonJon.

When was Lucahjin born?

Reese Wheeler (birthday: November 21), better known online as Lucahjin (or simply Lucah), is an American gaming YouTuber.

Are ProtonJon and Lucahjin married?

Lucahjin is confirmed to be doing voice acting work on several Indie games and on show clips for Polaris, Giant Goblin Studio, and AurumTorix. She is confirmed to be married to ProtonJon, said multiple times by both of them on streams,, and Twitter. They currently live together.

Who is the first Let’s Player?

The format of Let’s Plays is credited to Something Awful forum user Michael Sawyer under his username alias “slowbeef”. Sawyer stated that the format he adopted came from an earlier playthrough by forum user “Vlaphor” for I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

How old is NintendoCapriSun?

age 45
Timothy Lloyd Bishop (born: April 5, 1976 (1976-04-05) [age 45]), better known online as NintendoCapriSun, initialized as NCS, is a popular Let’s Player on YouTube, best known for his bathroom humor.

How old is Chuggaaconroy?

31 years (April 8, 1990)

Where is NintendoCapriSun?

Timothy Bishop. Timothy Lloyd Bishop, (born Monday, April 5th 1976) is a resident of Marion, Ohio (about an hour north of Columbus) and is from Ishpeming, Michigan.

What happened to NintendoCapriSun?

NintendoCapriSun previously had various jobs before that included working at Walmart and Pick ‘n Save but currently is self employed at YouTube with TheGameStation. He worked at an art shop with his sister and some others, but eventually the shop had to close down.

Does NintendoCapriSun have a job?

Is NCS royalty free?

NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) is a British record label that releases royalty-free electronic dance music. Starting as a YouTube channel, it reached 1 million paid downloads in 2017.

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