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Is Carlos Tevez married?

Is Carlos Tevez married?

Vanesa Mansillam. 2016
Carlos Tevez/Spouse

Soccer player Carlos Tevez, captain and star of Boca Juniors, married Vanesa Mansilla at the Vital Records Office in the Argentine city of San Isidro on Thursday morning, and the couple headed out for a four-day celebration to be continued in the Uruguayan city of Carmelo with 260 guests.

Why is Tevez called Apache?

Tevez was born Carlos Alberto Martínez in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires Province, and raised in the neighbourhood of Ejército de Los Andes, better known as “Fuerte Apache“. It was from there that he got the nickname of “El Apache”.

What happened Tevez?

Tevez has a distinctive burn scar that runs down his neck from his right ear to his chest. He was accidentally scalded with boiling water as a child, which caused third-degree burns and kept him hospitalised in intensive care for nearly two months.

Where did Tevez go after city?

Tevez moved from United to Manchester City in a controversial transfer back in 2009, becoming one of the few players to have donned both the blue of City and the red of United. He won the league with both clubs and he is regarded as a Premier League legend, having netted over 100 goals during his time in England.

How old is the wife of Carlos Tevez?

32-year-old Argentine Vanesa Mansilla is the long time wife of soccer star Carlos Tevez. Her forward husband, who signed a three-year contract with Juventus in 2013, is expected to lead Juventus to victory in UEFA Champions League .

What kind of football does Carlos Tevez play?

Full name Carlos Alberto Tevez but commonly known as Carlos Tevez or Tevez. He is an Argentine professional footballer. He played as a forward for the Argentina national football team and several famous professional football clubs such as West Ham United, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, and more.

When did Carlos Tevez leave Boca Juniors for Corinthians?

During his time at Boca Juniors, Tevez was listed by the media as a potential heir to Diego Maradona, whose number 10 shirt he had inherited at the club . In January 2005, Tevez was transferred to Brazilian Série A club Corinthians for $16 million cash and youth players worth $2 million.

How did Carlos Tevez and Vanesa Mansilla meet?

Vanesa and her husband have been together for a long time, they met when they were both teens living in Fuerte Apache. At first, when it was known she and Tevez had a relationship she was described as a shy young woman but as years went by she completely changed making Spanish media take notes!

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