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Which ports are used for H 323 calling on the expressway?

Which ports are used for H 323 calling on the expressway?

For example, TCP port 1720 is used for H. 323 call signaling but may be inactive during the call. If this is prematurely closed by the firewall, the H. 323 endpoint could interpret that as a dropped call and respond by tearing down the call.

What is Cisco Expressway C and E?

Expressway-E is the traversal server installed in DMZ. Expressway-C is the traversal client installed inside the enterprise network. 2. Expressway-C connects via the firewall to a specific port on Expressway-E with secure login credentials.

Which is the listening port for Cisco Expressway?

July 2017 Update X8.10 release. TURN listening port configurable to 443. April 2017 New document New format for information previously held in Expressway IP Port Usage for Firewall Traversal. Table 1    Cisco Expressway IP Port Usage Configuration Guide Change History 2 CiscoExpresswayIPPortUsageConfigurationGuide Related Documents

What’s the default media port for Cisco VCS?

** The default media port range of 36000 to 59999 applies to new installations of X8.1 or later. In Large systems the first 12 ports in the range – 36000 to 36011 – are used for multiplexed traffic only.

How many ports does Cisco Expressway-E 443 use?

Configurable to a six port range with first port >=1024. Configurable to a single port, if port multiplexing is enabled. For more information on TURN port multiplexing, see the Expressway Administrator Guide TCP Inbound TCP TURN request on Cisco Expressway-E 443 On Expressway-E only if TCP 443 TURN service is enabled.

Do you have to open ports for expressways?

 ■If you have a cluster of Expressways, ensure that the destination ports to the public IP address of each Expressway peer are open on the external firewall.  ■Sometimes there are different connection types that could be used to achieve the same task. You do not need to always open every port shown in the diagrams and tables.

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