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What is the longest burp video?

What is the longest burp video?

Burping in at 18.1 seconds, Tim Janus is now the World Burping Champion.

How long is the longest burp?

one minute 13 seconds
The lengthiest burp lasted one minute 13 seconds and was achieved by Michele Forgione in Reggiolo, Italy, on 16 June 2009.

What is the world’s loudest burp?

Long-time Tales from the Tinny church member Neville Sharp has broken the world record for the loudest burp. Conducted to the rigorous specifications of The Australian Book of Records, Nev’s 112.4 decibel belch beat the previous Guinness record of 109.9 decibels, held since 2009 by the UK’s Paul Hunn.

What was the loudest burp?

What drink makes you burp the loudest?

Drinking a Carbonated Drink. Choose a carbonated beverage. A freshly opened canned beverage will provide the most carbonation. To burp loudly you will want to drink the beverage as fast as possible.

What’s the world record for the longest Burp?

Worlds longest burp – Tim Janus won the World Burping Championships in New York City setting a world record with an 18.1 second burp. The event was sanctione…

How long is the video of Carlos burping?

Carlos is burping again like never before as he struggles to maintain his composure. Watch him chug his drink and belch for you like never before in this 15 minute video here: Ryan’s belly is ready to burst as he chugs coke to make his burps grow even bigger.

How long is Alec burps and grows video?

Alec Burps and Grows Alex flexes and shows off his body as he undergoes growth spurts and lets out burps from his big hairy body. Check out the full 15 minute video here:

How long is the belchloud transformation to grow video?

Watch him flex through his thick short sleeved shirt and then strip down into a tank and then just his bare underwear as he shows off his full power and grows as he burps for you in this 15 minute video here: Bogdan Transformation to Grow Bogdan is late for his meeting and forgot to bring his boss his coffee again.

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