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What is 40C8 material?

What is 40C8 material?

40C8 Carbon steels have carbon as the key alloying element in their composition. They also contain up to 0.4% silicon and 1.2% manganese. In addition, residual elements such as copper, molybdenum, aluminum, chromium, and nickel are present in these steels.

What is FG200?

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon. I.e., FG200 that means grey cast iron with ultimate tensile strength 200 N/mm2.

What are the three properties of materials?

A description of some common mechanical and physical properties will provide information that product designers could consider in selecting materials for a given application.

  • Conductivity.
  • Corrosion Resistance.
  • Density.
  • Ductility / Malleability.
  • Elasticity / Stiffness.
  • Fracture Toughness.
  • Hardness.
  • Plasticity.

How to find out the mechanical properties of rubber?

Here you will find a rubber properties chart for all popular rubber materials. This rubber materials comparison chart gives you key factors in your choice of rubber mechanical properties. Use the rubber comparison chart to find the most economical seal. Or better yet, use the rubber chart to find which material will best suit your environment.

What are the mechanical properties of neoprene rubber?

Neoprene® exhibits good oil, ozone, weather, aging, refrigeration and chemical resistance. It also has good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. Ethylene Propylene Copolymer has excellent resistance to phosphate ester fluids (Skydrol), brake fluids (glycol base), steam, weather, and ozone.

What are the properties of fluorosilicone in rubber?

Fluorosilicone has limited strength and abrasion resistance so it is generally recommended for static applications only. HNBR has excellent abrasion, compression set, tensile, and tear properties. Unlike standard nitriles, HNBR resists ozone, sunlight, and other atmospheric environments.

What are the properties of a rubber ring?

For example, if you need to find rubber compression properties, rubber weather resistance or even rubber ozone resistance for your O-rings, you can find the best combination of elastomer properties by using this O-ring material guide for your application.

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