How do you get around Wellington?

How do you get around Wellington?

Wellington is blessed with an excellent public transport system, and you can easily see the best attractions without a car.

  1. By Bus.
  2. Newlands Coach Service (tel.
  3. By Taxi.
  4. By Train.
  5. Tranz Metro operates daily electric train service from Wellington to its outer suburbs.
  6. By Car.
  7. By Cable Car.
  8. By Ferry.

Do Wellington buses take EFTPOS?

Explorer Day passes for bus and train travel are available for set fares based on the number of zones required, and can be purchased on board or in advance from a ticket office or retailer. Wellington Harbour Ferries accept EFTPOS and cash on board. Metlink fares are zone-based, making it simpler to work out your fare.

Is public transport good in Wellington?

Some planners consider Wellington to be a “good” city for public transport management, as the topography concentrates settlement in valleys or along coastlines, providing clear, dense “corridors” for transport routes.

Does Wellington have trains?

Wellington’s extensive public transport network includes bus services, five passenger rail lines, a cable car, and the harbour ferry services.

Can you pay cash on Wellington buses?

Paying your bus fare Bus fares can be purchased with a Snapper card, cash, or a pass. If you are visiting Wellington or will spend the day travelling around, we recommend a Metlink Explorer day pass, which can be purchased on board any bus or train.

Can I pay cash on Wellington buses?

Can I use AT HOP card in Wellington?

In 2018, the entire Wellington region will shift to having one electronic smartcard that people can use to pay for all bus, train and ferry travel, in much the same way Aucklanders use their Hop card.

Are there toilets on Wellington trains?

It was so humiliating, the most embarrassing moment of my life.” Trains on Wellington’s suburban routes do not have toilets. When passengers were finally allowed to leave, the woman carried the bag of urine off the train. “It was disgusting and so embarrassing.

How do you pay for buses in Wellington?

Paying your bus fare Bus fares can be purchased with a Snapper card, cash, or a pass. If you are a regular Metlink bus customer using a Snapper card is likely to be the most cost-effective option for getting around the Wellington region by bus.

How much is the Airport Flyer Wellington?

Fares. Price for transfer between Wellington Airport and downtown is of $12.00 NZD for a single ride. Child ticket is $9.00. Remember it is a 4 zone fare.

How much is the train from Masterton to Wellington?

The best way to get from Masterton to Wellington without a car is to train which takes 1h 40m and costs $30 – $45.

Can I use my phone as a hop card?

To use a virtual Hop card on your phone, make sure you have the latest version of the Hop Fastpass app. You’ll need iOS 12.3 and watchOS 5.2. 1 or newer, or Android 6 or newer. Android users: Google Pay 1.55 or above is required.

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